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    Using Family Partnerships and Refuting IRS Challenges

    Article This is an article highlighting the AICPA's position concerning the legitimate use of family partnerships. In particular, the AICPA takes exception with the IRS's refusal to recognize for transfer tax purposes the validity of many family partnership's under examination.
    Published on September 05, 2012

    Possible NIIT Software Errors International Resource Center Launched

    Newsletter In this issue Possible NIIT Software Errors; International Resource Center Launched
    Published on March 07, 2014

    2013-10-25TaxEalertExpect delays! 2014 Filing season and PTIN renewals and more...

    Newsletter In this issue Tax Season to be Delayed Again in 2014, Government Shutdown Delays PTIN Renewals and more...
    Published on October 25, 2013

    2013-11-08TaxEalertNational Tax Conference Highlights CPAs Honored

    Article In this issue, National Tax Conference Highlights; CPAs Honored and more...
    Published on November 11, 2013

    2014-07-26TaxEalert Fate of Premium Tax Credit Unclear Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implications Mid-Year Premium Tax Credi...

    Newsletter This document contains information on the unclear fate of premium tax credit and Affordable Care Act Implications: Mid-Year premium tax credit checkup and more
    Published on July 25, 2014

    Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Act

    News Congress preserved most of the George W. Bush-era tax cuts and extended many other lapsed tax provisions.
    Published on January 04, 2013

    2013-09-13 TaxEalert 3.8% Medicare Surtax Looming Year End Crunch, IRS Provides Guidance on DOMA Issues, IRS Busy Releas...

    Article In this issue 3.8% Medicare Surtax Looming Year End Crunch,  IRS Provides Guidance on DOMA Issues, IRS Busy Releasing Guidance on the Affordable Care Act and more…
    Published on September 14, 2013

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