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    Corporate Diversity is Activated by Inclusivity

    Article How diverse is your organization and how diverse would you like it to be based on your business model? In this Q&A with Kim Drumgo, director of Diversity and Inclusion for the AICPA...
    Published on March 18, 2014

    How to Avoid the Time-Drain in Volunteer Service

    Article Everyone loves a volunteer, or at least organizations do when someone steps up, raises his or her hand, and makes a commitment. Yet, many groups may take advantage of your goodwill by demanding too much of your...
    Published on August 19, 2013

    3 Reasons to Get Involved in Professional Organizations

    Article Take your pick: Rotary, Kiwanis, college alumni groups … the sky's the limit on the number of professional groups you can get involved in, but is the time spent good for you on a personal and professional level – and also good for your firm or company for client/customer recruitment
    Published on March 14, 2013

    How Leadership Skills Can Aid Local Organizations

    Article Serving on a committee or leadership position at the local level is good for your career and good for your employer, but how much time should you devote to these kinds of activities and what’s the ROI?
    Published on April 15, 2011

    Enhancing Your Team-Player Skills

    Article Are you a team player? Here are a few tips for improving your skills when working in a team-based environment.
    Published on January 31, 2011

    In-Demand Communication Skills

    Article CPAs need to be good communicators. Find out the communication skill sets critical to CPAs and their career growth.
    Published on January 28, 2011

    Four Pillars of Effective Leadership

    Article True leadership is never based on formal authority. The best business leaders model behavior and leverage informal networks and passive persuasion to harness cross-organization energy and affect positive change. This article discusses four pillars of effective leadership
    Published on September 24, 2012

    How to travel on your bosss dime (while improving your organization)

    Article Conferences let you see the world while learning valuable skills and making connections.
    Published on October 21, 2014

    AICPA Leadership Academy

    Conference ...Leadership Academy exposes the next generation of CPAs to a strong ethic of leadership and service. By providing them with strategies, candidates are empowered to become leaders within their organizations, communities and the CPA profession
    Published on January 23, 2015

    AICPA Young CPA Leadership Academy Application

    Conference The AICPA leadership program cultivates the next generation of CPAs. Candidates learn strategies to forge relationships and expand competencies that empower them to become leaders within their organizations, communities and the CPA profession
    Published on January 05, 2015

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