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    IRS Unveils New Procedures for Reinstating Tax-Exempt Status

    Article Organizations have new procedures for getting their exempt status reinstated
    Published on March 01, 2014

    Service Organizations Publications

    Publication A description of publications available on service organizations
    Published on March 13, 2015

    Exempt Organization Online Search Tool Introduced

    Article The IRS announced that taxpayers can find information about tax-exempt organizations in a new online search tool called Exempt Organizations Select Check
    Published on May 01, 2012

    Unrelated Business Income from Alternative Investments State Considerations

    Article This item outlines possible tax compliance issues that nonprofit organizations should consider, particularly the focus from state taxing jurisdictions on unrelated business income generated by alternative investments
    Published on October 01, 2011

    Classification of Business Entities That Are Not Corporations

    Article An organization with two or more owners that is an entity separate from the owners and that is not a corporation is an eligible entity that can be classified as a...
    Published on February 01, 2011

    Revised 2008 Form 990 Requires Current Action

    Article Exempt organizations and their tax advisers should be aware that significant changes in reporting rules for Form 990 may require current changes in procedures and an organization’s accounting system to...
    Published on May 01, 2008

    Disclosure of Nonincome Tax Contingencies Under ASC 450 for Not-for-Profit Entities

    Article This item focuses on the importance of properly accounting for and considering the impact of nonincome taxes as they apply to not-for-profit (NFP) entitles.
    Published on April 01, 2011

    Small Tax-Exempt Organization E-Postcard Requirements Finalized

    Article The Pension Protection Act of 2006 made various modifications to the provisions governing tax-exempt organizations
    Published on November 01, 2009

    Qualified Sponsorship Payments and Advertising Income Analyzing Unrelated Business Taxable Income

    Article Determining whether receipts qualify as sponsorship payments or advertising income can be quite burdensome for most nonprofit organizations. The item describes how to properly structure unrelated business taxable income so as not to adversely affect the organization’s cashflow
    Published on December 01, 2010

    U.S. Withholding Tax Imposed on Foreign Tax-Exempt Organizations

    Article When a foreign charitable organization earns U.S. source portfolio income it often has a choice to make: It can claim tax-exempt status (and thus an exemption from U.S. withholding tax), or...
    Published on May 01, 2008

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