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    Pre-Release Comments on Guidance under Section 1367 Regarding S Corporations and Back-To-Back Loans

    Comment Letter The AICPA recognizes that much of the case law in the back-to-back loan area is not consistent. Taxpayers and the government continue to spend time and money fighting over the appropriate principles to follow in determining when shareholders should be given debt basis for loans made to an S corporation.
    Published on January 28, 2011

    How Can Theft Prevention, Reporting, and Return Filing Be Improved

    News An IRS Oversight Board hearing explored ways to combat fraud and improve tax administration.
    Published on May 03, 2013

    March 8, 2011 Tax E-alert Practice Guides & Checklists- New Fillable and Savable Versions

    Newsletter This newsletter contains information regarding:  Practice Guides & Checklists, Collection Options for Taxpayers With Tax Liabilities, 2010 Estate and Gift Tax Issues, Form 8939,  Form 8453-F, Form 8897F,  Form 1041, Proposed Regulations under Section 263(a), Domestic Partners and Same-Sex Couples.
    Published on February 28, 2012

    May 16, 2012 Congressional Hearing on Tax-Exempt Organizations

    Article On May 16, 2012, the Subcommittee on Oversight of the Committee on Ways and Means held a hearing on tax-exempt organizations, including the current IRS compliance initiative related to universities, recently enacted reporting requirements for tax-exempt hospitals, recent efforts by tax-exempt organizations to design and implement good governance standards, and
    Published on October 09, 2012

    IRS Practice & Procedures

    Article The IRS Practices and Procedures Committee acts as the AICPA’s primary liaison with the IRS to improve the current tax administration system for the benefit of members, clients, the public and the government. Find out more here.
    Published on February 28, 2014

    Tax Practice Management Committee

    Overview The Tax Practice Improvement Committee develops products and services including tax practice guides and checklists for AICPA Tax Section members that improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of members’ tax practices, and help members maintain high practice standards.
    Published on December 02, 2013

    IRS Extends Guidance on Trustee Fees

    Newsletter The IRS announced that it is extending interim guidance on the treatment of investment advisory fees and other costs subject to the 2% floor under Sec. 67(a).
    Published on April 14, 2011

    International Tax

    Article Information on the International Taxation technical resource panel (TRP) and Task Forces under the TRP.
    Published on December 20, 2013

    Supreme Court Issues Decision on IRS Summons Enforcement

    News A Supreme Court decision allows individuals to question IRS employees regarding their reasons for issuing a summons if the individual can point to specific facts that plausibly raise an inference of bad faith on the part of the IRS employee.
    Published on June 20, 2014

    Employee Benefits Tax Technical Resource Panel (TRP)

    Article The Employee Benefits Tax Technical Resource Panel (TRP) identifies issues and develops policy.
    Published on January 10, 2014

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