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    Brush Up On Your Interview Techniques

    Article Whether it’s been only a short time since your last interview or several years, it’s time to brush up on the interview process with this practical list of what you should do, what you should stay away from, and...
    Published on April 15, 2013

    Are you a Professional Then Act Professional!

    Article What is your definition of "professional?" While you may work in one of the most respected and admired industries around, there are times when even the consummate pro gets sidetracked. Here are some tips on how to stay focused and how to avoid disrespecting others.  It’s not as easy as
    Published on December 13, 2013

    Young CPA Resources

    Article Info, tools and tips for the young, licensed or possibly restless. So you’ve started down the path toward official CPA-dom. You’re knocking on the door as we speak. Or maybe you already breezed through the door and are looking for the next adventure.
    Published on September 17, 2014

    Masters Degrees Defined

    Article After achieving a degree in accounting and now working full time, would you have the time and energy to go back to school? In today’s job market and in the real world, what kinds of benefits will a master’s degree bring and what kind of degree should you get? In
    Published on May 14, 2013

    Interview Dos and Donts

    Article your firm or company, or it’s been several years since you’ve interviewed yourself, you should know what you can, and can’t ask, in a job interview. What matters most: the person or the qualifications? The results might surprise you
    Published on September 05, 2012

    How LinkedIn Could Help You Find Your Next Job

    Article LinkedIn succeeds as a networking tool, but only works if you work it properly, update it on a continuous basis, and promote it to your sphere of influence. Learn how to do this effortlessly and in minimal time; a little effort could help you land your next position.
    Published on March 22, 2012

    When saying goodbye is not enough

    Article Regardless of the reason for leaving, CPAs need to be careful to leave a good impression in the minds of soon-to-be-former employers.
    Published on September 16, 2014

    Socializing for success at work

    Article Here’s why all those water cooler conversations maybe much more important to your career than you ever realized.
    Published on October 21, 2014

    F is for Fraud A Discussion With Marc Filer

    Article Do you have the right stuff to work in fraud, forensics and litigation support? In today’s firm or company, there are many accounting career opportunities in niche practice areas, and one of the most interesting of all of these is fraud.
    Published on October 26, 2011

    Make 2013 a Success An Interview With Rebecca Ryan

    Article Learn how to make 2013 a success. An interview with Rebecca Ryan uncovers what motivates the next generation of CPAs
    Published on April 10, 2013

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