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    Internal Control Considerations in Single Audits - Member Conference Call

    Presentation This archived Governmental Audit Quality Center member-only conference call titled, Internal Control Considerations in Single Audits, was presented by the Chairman of the GAQC task force established to respond to the PCIE report internal control deficiency areas
    Published on June 07, 2010

    GAQC Alert No. 149

    Newsletter to inform you about the issuance of several GAQC Practice Aids that are designed to assist our members in documenting the work performed relating to understanding and testing internal control over compliance and compliance (ICC) in single audit engagements
    Published on August 05, 2010

    Avoiding the Most Common Single Audit Deficiencies Conferences

    Conference Single audit quality is regularly being scrutinized by federal agencies and the National Single Audit. To help you avoid common audit deficiencies, the GAQC hosted a member-only conference call in September 2006 titled, Avoiding the Most Common Single Audit Deficiencies.
    Published on October 09, 2006

    Single Audit Practice Aids

    Checklist The AICPA’s GAQC developed a series of practice aids to assist auditors in improving quality of audits performed under Circular A-133.
    Published on July 23, 2013

    GAQC Alert No. 32

    Newsletter GAQC staff participated in two recent meetings that should be of interest to you and your staff.
    Published on August 23, 2011

    GAQC Alert No. 241

    Newsletter OMB's New Uniform Grant Guidance Subparts A-D and Other Key Related Information
    Published on February 11, 2014

    Understanding Indirect Cost Rates A Primer for Auditors Performing Single Audits Member Web Event

    Audio The purpose of this archived GAQC Web event is to help shed some light on this topic by providing an overview of the indirect cost rates that must be tested by auditors as part of a single audit under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133, Audits of States,
    Published on October 05, 2012

    HUD Archived News Items

    Article List of archived HUD related news items, resources and articles.
    Published on November 24, 2014

    Not-for-Profit Entities 2012/2013 Audit and Accounting Considerations Member Web Event

    Presentation Archived Web event titled, Not-for-Profit Entities:  2012/2013 Audit and Accounting Considerations. This event is intended to provide members performing not-for-profit entity financial statements audits with the latest information they need. Additionally, NFPs and their auditors need to be aware of new accounting and auditing standards that are effective for this
    Published on November 09, 2012

    Single Audit Practice Aids For Members Only

    Checklist The AICPA’s GAQC launched a series of task forces to address deficiencies that were noted in a June 2007 federal study on the quality of audits performed under Circular A-133. The study results are detailed in a report titled, Report on National Single Audit Sampling Project.
    Published on September 22, 2009

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