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    When Good Management Isnt Enough

    Press Release Is happiness a well-run CPA firm? Not necessarily, according to Troy Waugh, author of a new primer on practice leadership from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
    Published on December 13, 2011

    Business Executives Foresee Better Economy in 2012

    Press Release The outlook for the U.S. economy improved in the fourth quarter, but broad pessimism about the progress of a recovery persists, according to the fourth quarter AICPA Economic Outlook Survey, which polls chief financial officers, controllers and certified public accountants in executive and senior management accounting roles.
    Published on December 06, 2011

    AICPA Survey Money Stress Taking Toll on Many Americans Waistlines, Friendships, Sleep

    Press Release Money stress brought on by lighter paychecks this year is affecting more than Americans’ wallets — it’s taking a toll on their waistlines, friendships and sleep, according to results of a new AICPA survey conducted by Harris Interactive.
    Published on April 23, 2013

    AICPA Survey Many Baby Boomers See Retirement Delayed at least 4 Years

    Press Release Half of Baby Boomer clients who have postponed retirement due to  the economic downturn expect to work at least four years longer than they originally planned, according to CPA financial planners surveyed by the AICPA.
    Published on February 16, 2011

    Pessimism on U.S. Economy Deepens in Latest AICPA Survey of Business Executives

    Press Release Business executives hold their dimmest view of prospects for the U.S. economy since the waning days of 2011, according to the fourth quarter American Institute of CPAs' Economic Outlook Survey, which polls chief executive officers, chief financial officers, controllers and other certified public accountants in U.S. companies who hold executive
    Published on December 06, 2012

    AICPA Survey Four in Ten Working Americans Say Theyll Never Afford Retirement

    Press Release Almost 40 percent of working Americans say they will never afford retirement, which, for the second year in a row, ranks as the nation’s most important financial concern, according to a telephone survey conducted for the AICPA by Harris Interactive
    Published on April 13, 2011

    AICPA Urges IRS to Provide More Flexibility for Mandatory E-Filing of Returns by Tax Preparers

    Media Advisory The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has submitted a comment letter to the Internal Revenue Service urging more flexibility in implementing mandatory e-filing of tax returns by tax preparers in 2011 for individuals, trusts, and estates
    Published on January 04, 2011

    AICPA Raises Concerns About Cash Accounting Restriction

    News The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) reported that two approaches to accounting – accrual and cash – are going head-to-head in Congress’s overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code, and the outcome could have a big impact on certain types of businesses
    Published on September 05, 2013

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