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    Form 990 Changes Implemented in Final Regs.

    Article The IRS issued final regulations implementing extensive revisions made in 2008 to Form 990
    Published on November 01, 2011

    Form 990 Filing Deadline for Tax-Exempt Hospitals Delayed

    Article The IRS has announced that it is granting certain tax-exempt hospitals an automatic three-month extension of time to file their 2010 Forms 990. The automatic extension applies to Forms 990 with a due date before August 15, 2011; the IRS is also directing affected hospitals not to file before July
    Published on May 01, 2011

    New Form 990 Whats Confusing Filers

    Article The redesigned Form 990 has been the subject of much discussion since the IRS released it in 2007, and several areas of confusion have been identified. This item highlights problems frequently encountered by...
    Published on July 01, 2011

    IRS Releases New Draft Instructions to Form 990

    Article New Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, was released in December 2007, and the first draft release of the instructions was issued in April 2008
    Published on November 01, 2008

    Revised Form 990 The Evolution of Governance and the Nonprofit World

    Article The revised Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, incorporates many of the same governance principles and transparency best practices introduced to the for-profit world through the Sarbanes-Oxley Act...
    Published on August 01, 2009

    New Form 990 Aims for Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight

    Article Editor: Frank J. O'Connell, Jr., CPA, Esq. While transparency, accountability, and oversight do not appear to be tax issues per se, recent legislative focus and IRS enforcement in this area have heightened the need for tighter controls within the nonprofi
    Published on September 01, 2007

    IRS Raises Form 990 Filing Threshold

    Article The IRS has raised the gross receipts threshold for Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, from $25,000 to $50,000, allowing more tax-exempt organizations to avoid filing a full Form 990 or 990-EZ
    Published on March 01, 2011

    Revised 2008 Form 990 Requires Current Action

    Article Exempt organizations and their tax advisers should be aware that significant changes in reporting rules for Form 990 may require current changes in procedures and an organization’s accounting system to capture the necessary information
    Published on May 01, 2008

    IRS Releases Redesigned Form 990

    Article The IRS has released a redesigned Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, for use with 2008 tax returns
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Changes to Form 990 Reflect IRS Policy Goals

    Article The IRS recently issued major changes to Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
    Published on December 01, 2008

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