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    EBPAQC Alert No. 140

    Newsletter DOL Proposes Regulations on Investment Advice Arrangements to 401(k) and Other Plans- Independent Audit Provision
    Published on August 28, 2008

    Effective Monitoring of Outsourced Plan Recordkeeping and Reporting Functions

    Brochure Hiring a third party provider to perform plan administration services is a fiduciary function and, as such, plan administrators are required to periodically monitor their service providers to ensure they are performing the agreed-upon services
    Published on March 22, 2013

    EBPAQC Tools, Resources and Information

    Article ...CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality audits in the unique and complex employee benefit plan area, the Center has assembled a wide variety of resources and tools, including accounting and auditing resource centers, primers, and plan advisories
    Published on March 08, 2012

    EBPAQC Alert No. 139

    Newsletter EBPAQC Testimony on Hard-to-Value Assets; Accounting Representative on ERISA Advisory Council; Online Forum Contest Winners
    Published on August 15, 2008

    EBPAQC Alert No. 230

    Newsletter Mandatory Annual Membership Requirements Questionnaire; Member-to-Member Forum Contest Winners; DOL NewsMandatory Annual Membership Requirements Questionnaire; Member-to-Member Forum Contest Winners; DOL News
    Published on October 28, 2010

    EBPAQC Alert No. 263

    Newsletter Service Provider Fee Disclosures; AICPA Ethics Affiliates Interpretation; May EBP Conference; EBP Workshops
    Published on February 09, 2012

    EBPAQC Alert No. 223

    Newsletter DOL issued Interim Final Rule, Reasonable Contract or Arrangement Under Section 408(b)(2)—Fee Disclosure (the Rule), in July 2010 (with public comments requested by August 30th)
    Published on September 08, 2010

    Parties in Interest and Prohibited Transactions Resource Center

    Overview Section 3(14) of ERISA defines a party in interest to include, among others, fiduciaries or employees of the plan, any person who provides services to the plan, an employer whose employees are covered by the plan, an employee organization whose members are covered...
    Published on March 05, 2013

    EBPAQC Alert No. 243

    Newsletter Parties in Interest/Prohibited Transactions; Audit Guide and Risk Alert; Volunteer Committee Applications.
    Published on May 05, 2011

    EBPAQC Alert No. 147

    Newsletter December 2008 AICPA EBP Conference; Audio Recording of 403(b) Plan Audit Live Forum; Future Center Live Forum Calls; New Executive Committee Members
    Published on November 18, 2008

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