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    PFS Exam Review Options

    Overview Learn about the PFS Exam Review program at the AICPA
    Published on March 05, 2015

    PFS Exam Sponsorship application

    Application The PFS Exam Sponsorship application to obtain a reimbursement of some of the costs of preparing for and taking the PFS Exam
    Published on March 18, 2014

    PFS Exam Content Specification Outline (CSO)

    Overview A detail of the content outlined for the PFS Exam
    Published on April 08, 2014

    PFS Exam Test Taker Process

    Primer Summary of the registration and scheduling process for the PFS Exam test taker
    Published on March 10, 2011

    PFS Exam Review Final Study Plan

    Tools Use this accelerated PFS exam review schedule as a guide to final preparation during your last 2 months before the PFS exam
    Published on April 24, 2013

    PFS Exam Test Center Procedures

    Overview Information about the test centers for the PFS Exam test takers
    Published on May 20, 2014

    Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) Exam

    Overview Learn how to prepare for the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) exam
    Published on February 19, 2015

    AICPA PFS Exam Sponsorship Program

    Overview The AICPA PFP Section is offering sponsorships to help with the costs associated with the candidates taking both the PFS Exam Review Course and the PFS Exam
    Published on October 23, 2014

    PFS Credential Exam Registration & Scheduling Terms and Conditions

    Overview An overview of the critical information needed to register for the PFS exam
    Published on May 08, 2013

    CPA/PFS Credential Application Pricing

    Application The PFS Credential Pricing provides information about credential fee pricing guidelines.
    Published on June 11, 2014

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