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    TIC Shares Private Company Perspective on Pushdown Accounting with FASB

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: October, 2014. An authoritative pushdown accounting standard is being drafted, following an October 8 vote by FASB to approve a final standard to apply pushdown accounting when a change-in-control event has occurred
    Published on October 23, 2014

    Audits of Federal Funds (Single Audits)

    Article Entities that receive federal funds including states, local governments, and not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), are subject to audit requirements commonly referred to as “single audits” under the Single Audit Act of 1984, as amended in 1996.  The Single Audit Act was enacted to standardize the requirements for auditing federal programs. 
    Published on March 28, 2013

    AICPA Makes Recommendations for IRS-Treasury 2006-07 Priority Guidance List

    Comment Letter The AICPA has submitted recommendations for the Treasury-IRS 2006-2007 Guidance Priority List. The comments cover a range of areas that affect individual and business taxpayers. The AICPA also emphasized the continuing need for Treasury and the IRS to continue efforts to simplify tax regulations and cited three examples of ""simple""
    Published on June 08, 2006

    AICPA Testified May 9, 2012 regarding Deduction and Capitalization of Tangible Property Expenditures

    Testimony AICPA testified before the IRS and Treasury at the May 9, 2012 public hearing on proposed and temporary regulations under IRC sections 162(a), 168, and 263(a) regarding the deduction and capitalization of expenditures related to tangible property, REG-168745-03 and TD 9564, and Revenue Procedures 2012-19 and 2012-20.
    Published on May 09, 2012

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