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    Comprehensive List of Advocacy in the Individuals Area

    Tools Comprehensive list of resources, tools and aids regarding advocacy efforts for individual taxation.
    Published on November 22, 2013

    2015 Tax Advocacy Comment Letters

    Comment Letters Recent comment letters submitted by the AICPA Tax Division.
    Published on April 24, 2015

    AICPA Encourages Deferral of Effective Date on GASB Fair Value Statement

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: August, 2014.  The comment letter to GASB expressed general support for the Exposure Draft’s general alignment to FASB’s standards on fair value.
    Published on August 27, 2014

    AICPA Recommends Tax Reform Proposals to Three Senate Finance Committee Working Groups

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: April, 2015.  The recommendations include ideas for simplifying business income tax rules and retirement plan rules and for implementing permanent disaster assistance relief for individuals and business owners.
    Published on April 23, 2015

    Estate Tax Reform AICPA Letters and Studies

    Overview This page contains the AICPA comments and studies submitted to Congress on estate tax reform.
    Published on March 06, 2015

    AICPA Outlines Support of International Tax Simplification Bill

    Comment Letter This document contains a letter to Rep. Amo Houghton, which outlines AICPA support for the proposed international tax simplification bill, H.R. 285. In the letter, various provisions are the bill are listed as reducing complexity and compliance burdens.
    Published on June 21, 2005

    AICPA Comments on the Fairness, Simplification, and Competitiveness for American Business Act of 2002

    Comment Letter In a letter to Rep. Amo Houghton, AICPA shows support for many of the proposed international tax simplification provisions in the proposed legislation, H.R. 4151, Fairness, Simplification and Competitiveness for American Business Act of 2002.
    Published on June 21, 2005

    AICPA Urges Congress to Make S Corporation Reforms

    Comment Letter AICPA provides written testimony before Congress in support of the Subchapter S Modernization Act of 2003.
    Published on June 22, 2005

    AICPA Suggests Improvements to Form 1023

    Comment Letter On December 2, 2002, AICPA makes suggestions to the IRS for improvements to Form 1023, the Application for Recognition of Exemption for nonprofit organizations.
    Published on November 12, 2012

    Comprehensive List of Advocacy Issues for Trust, Estate and Gift Tax

    Article This section includes information on legislative, regulatory, and administrative advocacy related to estate, gift, and trust taxation.
    Published on March 31, 2014

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