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    Resolution Regarding the Report of the Special Committee on Accreditation of Specialization

    Meeting Minutes The Strategic Planning Committee identified the development of an improved means for formally identifying, recognizing, advocating, and supporting new areas of specialization that warrant an accreditation program as a strategic initiative.
    Published on April 18, 2010

    Introduction to Insurance and Risk Management

    Article Insurance and Risk Management Planning is the process of identifying the source and extent of an individual's risk of financial, physical, and personal loss, and developing strategies to manage the risk. Reviews help clients understand that life changes affect risk management and insurance coverage.
    Published on January 03, 2011

    Compensation and Disclosure Whitepaper

    Article Establishing compensation arrangements is one of the most troublesome issues facing CPAs providing PFP services. It is up to the CPA to individually evaluate the many issues involved in compensation and establish arrangements that are most appropriate in their practices.
    Published on May 11, 2010

    PFP Tax News

    News The AICPA PFP Division works with the AICPA Congressional Affairs Team to ensure that issues impacting CPA financial planners are monitored and acted upon as needed.
    Published on April 07, 2014

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