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    Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) Resource Center

    Overview Find general information about Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) requiring annual financial statements audits under ERISA.
    Published on May 10, 2013

    EBPAQC Alert No. 281

    Newsletter IRS Announces Form 5500 Filing Relief for Businesses Affected by Hurricane Isaac
    Published on September 13, 2012

    EBPAQC Alert No. 227

    Comment Letter AICPA requests 2009 Form 5500 Extension.
    Published on March 28, 2011

    EBPAQC Alert No. 71

    Newsletter As Center members gear up for the mid-October Form 5500 filing deadline for extended returns, we wanted to make you aware of valuable Form 5500 resources and of significant changes to the 2006 Form 5500 and the Form 5500-EZ.
    Published on August 25, 2011

    EBPAQC Alert No. 32

    Newsletter EBPAQC Online Discussion Forum
    Published on March 07, 2013

    Parties in Interest and Prohibited Transactions Resource Center

    Overview Section 3(14) of ERISA defines a party in interest to include, among others, fiduciaries or employees of the plan, any person who provides services to the plan, an employer...
    Published on March 05, 2013

    EBPAQC Alert No. 141

    Newsletter Employee Benefit Plan Audit and Form 5500 Resources
    Published on May 03, 2011

    EBPAQC Alert No. 183

    Newsletter 2009 Membership Requirements Compliance Questionnaire; Annual Self-Inspection Procedures and Best Practices; DOL Form 5500 Webcast and Supplemental FAQs on 2009 Schedule C.
    Published on August 25, 2011

    EBPAQC Alert No. 43

    Newsletter Illustrative Management Letter Comments for Employee Benefit Plans
    Published on March 18, 2011

    EBPAQC Alert No. 269

    Newsletter New ESOP Resource Center; Compliance Questionnaire Update; May 2012 AICPA National EBP Conference - Emerging Practitioner Offer.
    Published on April 06, 2012

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