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    Article AcSEC letter to SEC on IFRS Option
    Published on July 11, 2011

    SEC IFRS Roadmap AcSEC Comment Letter

    Comment Letter AcSEC letter to SEC on IFRS Roadmap
    Published on May 08, 2013

    Convergence of International and US Accounting Principles and IFRS

    Article International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) set by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) in London is a response to worldwide demand from regulators, investors, businesses, and auditing firms for a single set of high...
    Published on April 17, 2014

    AICPA Urges IFRS Monitoring Board to Support Independence, SEC Funding for IASB

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate. May, 2011. IASB needs stable and independent funding, AICPA said at IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board at Stanford University
    Published on May 25, 2011

    FinREC Comment Letter, IFRS Foundation Monitoring Boards February 7, 2011, Consultative Report on the Review of the IFRS...

    Comment Letter AICPA is pleased to offer its comments on the IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board’s February 7, 2011, Consultative Report on the Review of the IFRS Foundation’s Governance
    Published on July 11, 2011

    AICPA Comment Letter on IFRS Foundations Status of Trustees Strategy Review consultation paper

    Comment Letter The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is please to offer its comments on the IFRS Foundation Trustees' November 5, 2010, consultation paper, Status of Trustees' Strategy Review
    Published on July 11, 2011

    AICPA Applauds SEC Staff Report Reviewing IFRS Presses for Decision

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: August, 2012. The AICPA said the Security and Exchange Commission staff’s report on IFRS is a “thoughtful analysis” and urged the SEC to review the report “expeditiously” and to allow U.S. public companies the option to adopt IFRS
    Published on August 15, 2012

    AICPA Recommendation for SEC Optional Adoption of IFRS by U.S. Public Companies

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: September, 2011. AICPA recommended to the SEC that U.S. public companies be allowed the option of adopting IFRS
    Published on September 08, 2011

    AICPA Comments on FASB and IASB Insurance Contracts Exposure Drafts

    Newsletter ...The AICPA Financial Reporting Executive Committee said it continues to support FASB’s and IASB’s efforts to either converge or more closely align U.S. GAAP with the IFRS, but believes high quality accounting standards should not be sacrificed for the sake of convergence
    Published on January 30, 2014

    International Advocacy

    Overview As the world's largest professional accountancy organization, the AICPA is actively engaged with international standard setters and regulators on issues that impact our members both in the U.S. and worldwide. Comment letters are issued by the AICPA to international standard setters and/or regulators.
    Published on March 23, 2015

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