AICPA Special Recognition Award Winners 

    Given to an individual who has performed or contributed to the success of a particular project or initiative - contributions of an outstanding nature. Given the nature of the project initiative, there could be more than one individual receiving the award. The award is given when such projects or initiatives warrant special recognition. The recipient does not have to be a CPA. Nominations are submitted each year by December 15.

    AICPA Special Recognition Award Winners

    2015  Dr. Thomas A. Ratcliffe*    
    2014  Dan Deines  Steven Levey  
    2013  Rick Anderson  Bruce Behn  Judith O'Dell
    2012  Karen Pincus    
    2011  Carlos Johnson    
    2010  No Winner    
    2009  Benjamin Neuhausen    
    2008  Martha Collins  Beatrice Sanders  
    2007  Carl George    
    2006  Bernard J. Milano  Charles Hoffman  
    2005  Edmund Jenkins  Edward J. Dupke  
    2004  Robert Roussey    
    2003  Sidney Kess    
    2002  No Winner    
    2001  Marilyn Pendergast  J. Thomas Hood  J. Clarke Price
    2000  Wayne Harding  Nita Clyde  
    1999  Jeannie Patton    

    * Posthumously

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