State Society Information


    State CPA Society Volunteer Information 

    Alabama - Alabama Society of CPAs
    Alaska - Alaska Society of CPAs
    Arizona - Arizona Society of CPAs
    Arkansas - Arkansas Society of CPAs
    California - California Society of CPAs
    Colorado - Colorado Society of CPAs
    Connecticut - Connecticut Society of CPAs
    Delaware - Delaware Society of CPAs
    Florida - Florida Institute of CPAs
    Guam - Guam
    Georgia - Georgia Society of CPAs
    Hawaii - Hawaii Society of CPAs
    Idaho - Idaho Society of CPAs
    Illinois - Illinois CPA Society
    Indiana - Indiana CPA Society
    Iowa - Iowa Society of CPAs
    Kansas - Kansas Society of CPAs
    Kentucky - Kentucky Society of CPAs
    Louisiana - Society of Louisiana CPAs
    Maine - Maine Society of CPAs
    Maryland - Maryland Association of CPAs
    Massachusetts - Massachusetts Society of CPAs
    Michigan - Michigan Association of CPAs
    Minnesota - Minnesota Society of CPAs
    Mississippi - Mississippi Society of CPAs
    Missouri - Missouri Society of CPAs
    Montana - Montana Society of CPAs
    Nebraska - Nebraska Society of CPAs
    Nevada - Nevada Society of CPAs
    New Hampshire - New Hampshire Society of CPAs
    New Jersey - New Jersey Society of CPAs
    New Mexico - New Mexico Society of CPAs
    New York State - New York State Society of CPAs
    North Carolina - North Carolina Association of CPAs
    North Dakota - North Dakota Society of CPAs
    Ohio - Ohio Society of CPAs
    Oklahoma - Oklahoma Society of CPAs
    Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs
    Puerto Rico - Colegio de Contadores Públicos Autorizados de Puerto Rico
    Rhode Island - Rhode Island Society of CPAs
    South Carolina - South Carolina Association of CPAs
    South Dakota - South Dakota CPA Society
    Tennessee - Tennessee Society of CPAs
    U.S. Virgin Islands - Virgin Islands Society of CPAs
    Utah - Utah Association of CPAs
    Vermont - Vermont Society of CPAs
    Virginia - Virginia Society of CPAs
    Washington - Washington Society of CPAs
    Washington, D.C. - Greater Washington Society of CPAs
    West Virginia - West Virginia Society of CPAs
    Wisconsin - Wisconsin Institute of CPAs
    Wyoming - Wyoming Society of CPAs

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    State CPA Society Volunteer Information

    Article Alphabetical list of state and territory CPA societies and organizations.
    Published on August 02, 2013

    State Society Information

    Overview State society information including life cycle resources, state society financial literacy programs, state legislation, resources for all volunteers, and links to new 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy brochures.
    Published on April 23, 2013

    Financial Literacy Newsletters

    Newsletter An archive from August 2007 to June 2008 of the monthly newsletter for CPAs volunteers, highlighting state society financial literacy programs.
    Published on January 28, 2011

    Financial Literacy Newsletter - June 08

    Newsletter Literacy update including information on Louisiana bringing financial literacy to students, NC holding a seminar for CPAs, new Feed the Pig podcast, Hispanic America Saves offering free Spanish materials, and more.
    Published on June 16, 2008

    Financial Literacy Newsletter - May 08

    Newsletter Literacy update including information on Alabama promoting Feed the Pig, Delaware promoting financial literacy, Florida's Financial Fitness Friday, North Dakota's member seminars, and more.
    Published on May 28, 2008

    Financial Future Newsletter - Apr. 08

    Newsletter Variety of financial literacy updates including California holding a summit, Louisiana spreading financial literacy to children, January highlights of 360 Degrees and Feed the Pig, plus much more.
    Published on April 15, 2008

    Financial Literacy Newsletter - Mar. 08

    Newsletter Information on literacy updates of March 2008, including a best practices highlight, Georgia promotes financial literacy, Gallup Poll and Harvard Survey results, Wisconsin educating students, and much more.
    Published on March 17, 2008

    Financial Future Newsletter - Oct. 07

    Newsletter Updates on the Financial Literacy outreach in the states of Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia, plus information on the American Red Cross seeking CPA volunteers.
    Published on February 19, 2008

    Financial Future Newsletter - Nov. 07

    Newsletter Financial Literacy updates including Oklahoma educates women on financial literacy, Oregon's promotions, Pennsylvania walks for Feed the Pig, Texas wins big, and Benjamin Bankes goes to Washington.
    Published on February 19, 2008

    Financial Future Newsletter - Feb. 08

    Newsletter Updates on financial literacy outreach in California, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington. Feed the Pig is changing behaviors, and a new Feed the Pig podcast is available.
    Published on February 19, 2008

    Financial Future Newsletter - Aug. 07

    Newsletter Includes financial literacy outreach update information in the states of California, Washington, and Texas, plus Radio Disney's Move It! Event in New Mexico.
    Published on February 19, 2008

    Financial Future Newsletter - Sept. 07

    Newsletter Financial literacy updates on Iowa's baseball fever, Radio Disney Move It! Events, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and Virginia's efforts of outreach, and Benjamin Bankes' visit to Wisconsin.
    Published on February 19, 2008

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