Feed the Pig Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Feed the Pig Campaign?

Feed the Pig is a national public service advertising (PSA) campaign in partnership with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Ad Council encouraging Americans ages 25-34 to take control of their personal finances and make savings a part of their daily lives. The PSAs are developed pro-bono by Turbine and RadioFace. The campaign is distributed in partnership with the Ad Council.

Who is the audience?

The campaign targets young working adults, ages 25-34, who are in the midst of establishing their spending and saving patterns.  These adults could be in any life stage – buying a house for the first time, having children, getting married, etc.

What are the media components of the campaign?  

  • TV – English *
  • Radio – English *
  • Print – English *
  • Outdoor – English
  • Web banners – English
  • Website – FeedThePig.org

* Available in national and localized material for individual state CPA societies

Feed the Pig has a strong online and social media presence, including a new mobile website, m.feedthepig.org, podcasts, weekly e-mail savings tips and text messages, as well as a Facebook and Twitter presence for Benjamin Bankes.


How do I get copies and access the public service announcements?

You can preview the materials at http://feedthepig.adcouncil.org.

For copies of the PSAs, email Melora Heavey, Senior Manager-Communications, at mheavey@aicpa.org.

What is the Ad Council?

The Ad Council is a private, non-profit organization that marshals volunteer talent from the advertising and communications industries, the facilities of the media, and the resources of the business and non-profit communities to deliver critical messages to the American public. The Ad Council produces, distributes and promotes public service campaigns on behalf of non-profit organizations and government agencies in issue areas such as improving the quality of life for children, preventive health, education, community well-being and strengthening families. 

What is the AICPA?

The AICPA, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, is the national professional association of CPAs, with members in business, industry, public practice, government and education. The AICPA sets the ethical standards for the profession and the auditing standards for private companies, non-profit groups, and federal, state and local governments.

How was the campaign developed?

The strategic and creative development for the Feed the Pig campaign was produced (since you already used the word develop) by advertising agencies Turbine and Radioface, who donated their expertise to develop the PSA campaign – including research, strategy, media recommendations, development and production of the campaign PSAs.

Throughout the campaign development process, a panel of advertising experts offered their strategic and creative input. The target audience also provided input at critical phases of the creative development process using  focus groups, in depth interviews and web surveys.  

What are the campaign’s objectives?

  1. Raise awareness in the target age group (25-34 year olds) about the importance of saving money.

  2. Motivate 25-34 year olds to take control of their personal finances and make savings a part of their daily lifestyle.
  3. Drive the target audience to the campaign website, feedthepig.org, for tools and resources to help them save. 

What is the campaign message?

Put away a few bucks. Feel like a million bucks. Visit FeedThePig.org.

How and when will this campaign be distributed?

Beginning January 5, 2012, the new Feed the Pig PSAs are distributed to more than 33,000 U.S. media outlets, including TV and radio stations, print outlets and online in order to effectively communicate the Feed the Pig message to the widest possible audience.

The Ad Council’s media team has cultivated relationships with most of the national media companies, securing upfront commitments that benefit all its campaigns. The Ad Council also has specialists in the top media markets who conduct outreach to the media locally.

How will the campaign be evaluated?

Program evaluation is a critical component of every Ad Council campaign. In order to assess a campaign’s effectiveness and impact, the Ad Council adheres to a rigorous framework of evaluation. This framework establishes metrics early in the campaign process to ultimately measure exposure, recognition, engagement and impact among identified target audiences. Specific methodologies used to measure each of these evaluative components include: donated media support, press coverage, consumer response, consumer tracking studies and national trend studies.

These methods continue to evolve based on the new media landscape and consumer behavior. Interactive metrics have become an important element in campaign evaluation including web analytics, website usability testing and social media tracking.

Does the AICPA or my state society pay to place the PSAs on local TV and radio stations?

The Ad Council works on a donated media model.  This means that the AICPA and state societies do not pay for PSAs to play on TV and radio stations.  The PSAs run at the station’s discretion as donated airtime.  In addition, print PSAs, Web banners and outdoor ads, such as billboards and bus shelter posters, run in donated space.

Who do I email with questions?

Please email Melora Heavey, Senior Manager, Communications, at mheavey@aicpa.org.


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