ET Section 57 - Article VI - Scope and Nature of Services 

    A member in public practice should observe the Principles of the Code of Professional Conduct in determining the scope and nature of services to be provided.

    .01  The public interest aspect of certified public accountants' services requires that such services be consistent with acceptable professional behavior for certified public accountants. Integrity requires that service and the public trust not be subordinated to personal gain and advantage. Objectivity and independence require that members be free from conflicts of interest in discharging professional responsibilities. Due care requires that services be provided with competence and diligence.

    .02  Each of these Principles should be considered by members in determining whether or not to provide specific services in individual circumstances. In some instances, they may represent an overall constraint on the nonaudit services that might be offered to a specific client. No hard-and-fast rules can be developed to help members reach these judgments, but they must be satisfied that they are meeting the spirit of the Principles in this regard.

    .03 In order to accomplish this, members should
    • Practice in firms that have in place internal quality-control procedures to ensure that services are competently delivered and adequately supervised.

    • Determine, in their individual judgments, whether the scope and nature of other services provided to an audit client would create a conflict of interest in the performance of the audit function for that client.

    • Assess, in their individual judgments, whether an activity is consistent with their role as professionals.

    [Revised May 15, 2000.]

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