CPA Horizons Frequently Asked Questions 

What is CPA Horizons 2025? 

CPA Horizons 2025 is a profession-wide initiative undertaken by the American Institute of CPAs where CPAs from all areas of practice come together to define the future for the CPA profession.

What are the objectives of this initiative?

CPA Horizons strives to engage CPAs across the nation from all areas of practice together to define the future of the profession and to enable them to shape their future. The objectives are:
  • Build awareness of future opportunities and challenges for all segments of the profession
  • Lead the profession as it navigates the changing demands of the marketplace
  • Draw together the profession to create a vibrant and viable future
  • Build upon findings from CPA Vision Project in helping define the future looking forward to 2025

Why is this important for the profession to participate?

Right now, revolutionary changes are taking place in the marketplace and the global economy that pose new opportunities and challenges for the profession. These changes include: 
  • Competition by non-CPAs to serve marketplace needs
  • The transforming impact of information technology on CPA services
  • The swift rise of a global, knowledge-based, information economy
  • The marketplace's demand for expanded core competencies of CPAs
The profession must continue to define the individual CPA's role in this increasingly competitive environment, and stake out new ground in a marketplace driven by breakthrough developments in information technology.

What is the difference between strategic planning and CPA Horizons?

CPA Horizons is a strategic process to engage the CPA profession to review the potential effects of current and projected forces/issues, define and assess core competencies and values, develop desired future scenarios and begin to plot a strategy for achieving its vision for the future.

Strategic planning identifies specific activities along defined timeliness, and matches goals and resources to influence the environment to bring about the desired future. It is tactical and functional.

CPA Horizons 2025 and strategic planning work in concert with each other. The first process, allows us to "see" exactly where we want to go and why we need to get there. Strategic planning is the "do" phase, when specific tactics can be implemented to bring us closer to realizing our ideal future position.

CPA firms and businesses do an excellent job in strategic planning, especially in the area of assessing a current situation and devising methods for addressing related issues. CPA Horizons 2025 takes a different step by enabling us to take the appropriate actions to make our optimum future happen for the entire profession.

How will the CPA Horizons findings/ report be communicated to the profession?

The CPA Horizons 2025 Final Report will be available on the website.  In addition, the findings will be shared in AICPA communications including CPA Letter Daily, AICPA News Update and the Journal of Accountancy.

How can I participate?

The profession can participate through several means:

  • Take the online survey
  • Actively participate in the discussion forums
  • Encourage your colleagues to participate

What benefits will the profession realize as a result of this initiative?

CPA Horizons 2025 will drive the development of activities, programs and services needed to realize the comprehensive and shared vision for the profession. The process will be an ongoing one to ensure that CPAs continue to focus on, and better anticipate, the future, as well as respond to the inevitable challenges and opportunities.

What is the timeline for this initiative?

The profession can participate anytime between February 2011 and July 31st 2011.


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