About CPA Horizons 2025 

In the late 90s the AICPA and the state societies cooperated in bringing together CPAs from across the country to develop an unprecedented grassroots vision for the profession for 21st century and beyond. The CPA Vision Project identified the profession’s core competencies, core values and core services.

Although the core purpose that emerged from the CPA Vision Project, “CPAs: Making sense of a complex and changing world,” still holds true today, the profession’s environment and landscape has changed dramatically.

Paul V. Stahlin, CPA, chairman of the AICPA Board of Directors, was involved in the CPA Vision Project and is excited by the 2025 initiative. With the full support of Barry C. Melancon, CPA, president and CEO of the AICPA, and the rest of the AICPA executive team, now we embark on the next step in the CPA profession’s effort to anticipate and plan for the future. CPA Horizons 2025, will endeavor to make sense of how the forces changing the world will change the profession for the future. CPA Horizons 2025 will reach out to CPAs like you, across the country, as well as to regulators, state societies, futurists, and young professionals at the start of their careers for your insight on how four major global forces will affect the CPA profession:

  • Political/Regulatory
  • Economic
  • Social/Human Resources
  • Technological

Making the Horizons Project Happen

CPA Horizons 2025 will build upon the foundation the CPA Vision Project built in 1998, validate the findings, evaluate the accomplishments and discuss where the profession goes in the future.  We will use the Internet and social media to discover, capture and analyze information. 

Visit the CPA Horizons discussion forum to begin participating, or view the list Frequently Asked Questions and timeline of key milestones to learn more.


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