The Tax Adviser April 2014 

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    Major Developments in Cost Segregation
    John M. Malloy, Craig J. Langstraat, and James M. Plečnik

    Americans Living Abroad and the Net Investment Income Tax
    Kevyn Nightingale

    Individual Taxation: Digest of Recent Developments: Part II
    David R. Baldwin, Lawrence H. Carlton, Karl L. Fava, Donna Haim, Jonathan Horn, Susanne Morrow, S. Miguel Reyna, Kenneth L. Rubin, Kaye F. Sheridan, Amy M. Vega, and Donald J. Zidik Jr.


    Corporations & Shareholders

    Structuring Minority Interest Acquisitions With a Step-Up in Basis: Sec. 1239 and Beyond


    Major Developments in Cost Segregation

    Employee Benefits & Pensions

    President Orders New Retirement Savings Vehicle

    Transition Relief Offered on Minimum Essential Coverage and Shared-Responsibility Penalty

    Ellis, the Case of a Misdirected IRA

    Employment Taxes

    Director Fees May Be Subject to Self-Employment Tax

    Transition Relief Provided for Shared-Responsibility Payment

    Estates, Trusts & Gifts

    Estates Get Simplified Method to Request Extended Time to Make Portability Election

    Case Law Opens Options for Trusts Looking to Minimize State Income Taxes

    The Mechanics of Decanting

    Coordinating Charitable Trusts and Private Foundations for the Business Owner: Complying With UBIT and Self-Dealing Rules

    Excise Taxes

    Bringing Clarity to Fuel Excise Taxes and Credits

    Foreign Income & Taxpayers

    Cancellation of Debt Income for Debtor Subsidiary Corporations

    Foreign Corporations: Procedures and Pitfalls in Adopting and Changing Methods of Accounting for Purposes of Determining E&P

    Americans Living Abroad and the Net Investment Income Tax

    Gross Income

    Second Rollover Is Taxable


    Individual Taxation: Digest of Recent Developments: Part II

    IRS Modifies Innocent Spouse Equitable Relief Procedures

    Partners & Partnerships

    Contributed Property in the Hands of a Partnership

    Practice & Procedures

    AICPA Pushes for Simplification of Tax Return Due Dates

    Changes for Foreign Financial Account Reporting

    Issues With Employer Identification Numbers

    Procedure & Administration

    Decision Striking Down Tax Return Preparer Regulations Upheld on Appeal

    Repair Regs. Accounting Method Change Guidance Issued

    Real Estate

    Sec. 355 and REITs: Opportunities for Owner-Occupied Real Estate

    S Corporations

    Impact of Sec. 1411 on S Corporations and Their Shareholders

    State & Local Taxes

    State Tax Tribunals: Is Taxpayer Representation by CPAs a Potential Independence Problem?

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