The Tax Adviser April 2009 

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    The Tax Adviser April 2009

    Published on April 29, 2010

    Current Corporate Income Tax Developments (Part II) - 2009

    Article During 2008, numerous state statutes were added, deleted, or modified; court cases were decided; regulations were proposed, issued, and modified; and bulletins and rulings were issued, released, and withdrawn. This article covers some of the more important developments in apportionment, unitary groups/filing methods, administration, flowthrough entities, and other significant corporate
    Published on April 01, 2009

    S Corporation Tax Year Rules

    Article The use of a fiscal year defers reporting of the S corporation’s passthrough income to the shareholders and facilitates year-end tax planning.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Distressed S Corporations Tax Issues Involved in Restructuring

    Article This article highlights tax issues and planning opportunities that may arise relative to a distressed S corporation, its shareholders, and its creditors.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Ponzi Schemes The Implications for Defrauded Investors

    Article The losses incurred in a Ponzi scheme may be deductible as theft loss under Sec. 165(a) as an ordinary deduction in the year the loss was discovered, with certain limitations. A taxpayer cannot deduct losses as long as there is a possibility of recovery and litigation is ongoing.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Refundable State and Local Tax Credits

    Article The IRS has not issued published guidance on corporations’ tax treatment of refundable state and local tax credits. However, the Office of Chief Counsel, through a recent legal memorandum and other informal nonprecedential advisories, has provided insight as to the treatment of these credits.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    IRS Releases Redesigned Form 990

    Article The IRS has released a redesigned Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, for use with 2008 tax returns.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Return Preparers Advice Does Not Prevent Accuracy-Related Penalty

    Article In a recent decision, the Tax Court partially upheld accuracy-related penalties against a taxpayer because it failed to reasonably rely in good faith on advice from its tax return preparer.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    IRS Expands Alternative Dispute Resolution Opportunities

    Article The IRS recently expanded access to the fast track resolution program and to Appeals mediation and arbitration procedures.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    The National CPA-IRS Tax Issues Meeting

    Article The AICPA IRS Practice and Procedures Committee's annual IRS tax issues meeting was held in Washington, DC, on October 29, 2008.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Like-Kind Exchanges Deferral Is Not Always the Best Option

    Article Sec. 1031 gives taxpayers the opportunity to defer taxation on the gains they may have on their transactions. Anytime there is an opportunity to defer tax costs, tax practitioners and their clients automatically tend to assume that they should take advantage of the opportunity. However, in the case of like-kind
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Internal Controls and Exempt Organization Executive Compensation Arrangements

    Article This article provides an overview of the law of inurement and intermediate sanctions.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Tax Court Not Limited to Administrative Record in Innocent Spouse Cases

    Article The Eleventh Circuit held that the Tax Court properly considered evidence outside the administrative record in a trial to determine whether a taxpayer was entitled to innocent spouse relief.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Deduction for ESOP Distributions Disallowed

    Article The Eighth Circuit reversed a district court and held that a corporation was not entitled to a deduction for cash distribution redemptive dividends paid by the corporation’s employee stock ownership plans to plan participants who left the corporation.
    Published on April 01, 2009

    Proposed Regs. Provide Model for Stock Basis Recovery and Identification

    Article On January 21, 2009, Treasury issued proposed regulations that provide shareholders with guidance on allocating and recovering stock basis in Sec. 301 distributions (REG- 143686-07). Their purpose is to present a single model for stock basis recovery whe
    Published on April 01, 2009

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