Human Resources

    Linking Employee Performance, Compensation and Accounting Firm Performance
    by Mitchell Langbert, PhD
    Why today's CPA firms need to re-focus on incentives and the linkage between performance and rewards.

    Blame It on the Retiring Baby Boomers
    by Rita Keller
    Gearing up for the looming talent shortage … one million and counting.

    Retaining and Developing Diverse Talent
    by Mary Bennett, CIA, CEC
    How to attract, retain and develop employees who represent the change your firm needs for the future.

    Job Search Strategies

    Network Purposefully Into the Hidden Job Market
    by Debra Feldman
    Discover the right connections and never job hunt again.
    Increase Productivity With Multiple Monitors
    by J. Carlton Collins/Journal of Accountancy
    How and why to make them work for you.




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