Is Your Firm Wasting Valuable Profits on Marketing?
    by Tracy Crevar Warren
    The latest PCPS CPA Firm Top Issues Annual Survey ranked marketing as one of the industry’s top five concerns. Is your firm up to speed?
    Who Is an Eligible Hire for the Latest Employer Tax Incentives?
    by Heidi Parton, and Compliance and Marketing Divisions, Paychex, Inc.
    Do your clients know who is considered an eligible hire for the latest employer tax incentives?


    Businesses Need Insurance — Help to Navigate the Choices
    by Heidi Parton, and Compliance and Marketing Divisions, Paychex, Inc.
    Ensure your clients are “insured”. How to help your clients understand which insurance plans will meet their professional and personal needs.
    Financial Health and Physical Health After Age 65
    by James Sullivan, CPA, PFS
    Why your clients are worried about their healthcare costs after age 65 with good reason.


    Payroll and 401(k) Integration — An Efficient Process
    by Heidi Parton, and Compliance and Marketing Divisions, Paychex, Inc.
    Review reasons that payroll and 401(k) integration makes sense for businesses.

    The CPA Charm
    by Sukanya Mitra
    One of two accountants still land jobs today. Do you have what it takes?


    Applying A-133 to Nonprofit and Governmental Organizations
    Become more efficient and effective at planning and performing audits in accordance with the requirements of Circular A-133 and the Single Audit Act Amendments. Earn up to 24 CPE Credits.

    Compilation and Review Engagements Guide
    The Guide features information on implementing SSARS No. 19, Compilation and Review Engagements, including illustrative engagement and representation letters, sample compilation and review reports, detailed illustrations, and case studies.

    Audits of 403(b) Plans: A Challenging New Audit Area
    This course provides a background on the tax rules applicable to a 403(b) plan, enabling you to develop a better understanding of how these plans are different and how the audit procedures must be modified.

    Accounting Trends & Techniques — Employee Benefit Plans
    New edition provides a multitude of illustrative disclosures for financial statements of employee benefit plans.

    2010 Health Care Reform Act: Critical Tax and Insurance Ramifications for You, Your Business, and Your Clients
    Be informed on health care changes and get tips and strategies to best deal with them.

    Health Care Entities — AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide
    Understand the unique considerations of a healthcare organization with this authoritative accounting and auditing resource.

    You Are the Value: Define Your Worth, Differentiate Your CPA Firm, Own Your Market
    Take client meetings to a new level with this seven step process.

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    Applying FIN 48 and SFAS No. 109
    In this video clip, Bobby J. Carmichael, Ed.D., CPA, discusses FIN 48 with Scott F. Guertin, CPA and SFAS No. 109 with William I. Eskin, CPA, Scott F. Guertin, CPA; and Linda A. Paradis, CPA.

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