Global CPA Report Oct.‌ 5, 2016
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Top stories
Checklist for a better negotiation
Simple changes to the way you approach a negotiation can help cut costs and increase profits.
CGMA Magazine
Robots stake claim in finance and accounting
The use of software that mimics the keystrokes a person makes completing a process, also known as robotic process automation, is expanding rapidly in corporate finance departments. Here is how the technology works, its advantages and promises.
CFO Magazine

How auditors should reassess their professional skepticism responsibility
An audit partner at BDO South Africa takes a fresh look at professional skepticism.
Accountancy SA

How to add a new specialty to your practice
Follow these strategies to tackle client needs that fall outside an accountant’s area of expertise.
The Tax Adviser
Consolidated audit trail is a top SEC priority for 2016
Setting up a central data repository to establish a consolidated audit trail is one of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s top priorities this year.
Bloomberg BNA
4 ways accountants can get more out of social media
Demonstrating expertise and reaching new clients are among the ways social media can be valuable for finance professionals.
Career Insider
IRS issues 2016-17 special per-diem rates for travel
Journal of Accountancy
Private collection agencies to start collecting tax debts in the spring
Journal of Accountancy

India's tax collectors must address taxpayers' increasing unhappiness
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the branch of India’s government that collects direct taxes to address why complaints from taxpayers have gone up.
The Times of India
Big Four firms plan to expand legal services in Singapore
One Big Four firm has taken steps to expand its legal services in Singapore; a second may follow suit.
The Straits Times
Japan's finance ministry plans crackdown on offshore tax avoidance
Nikkei Asian Review

Panama Papers trigger parliamentary investigation
A 65-member committee of the European Parliament started investigating how offshore companies have been used to avoid taxes, facilitate corruption, and avoid sanctions. The investigation was triggered by the Panama Papers, data leaked from internal files of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.
The Guardian
Spain speeds up corporate tax collection
Spain hopes to meet European Union deficit goals and prevent fines by asking companies to pay more of their taxes upfront.

Middle East
OPEC reaches preliminary agreement to cut oil production
Ministers of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed to preliminary cuts in oil production for the first time in eight years. Here’s who would likely benefit and whose costs would likely increase.

Women's Global Leadership Summit
The “Women’s Global Leadership Summit,” Nov. 2–4 in Boston, focuses on leadership, boardroom diversity, and best practices to enhance the skills and potential of women leaders within the financial community. The high-level caliber of speakers will provide training and information on how women can secure their future in this complex profession.

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