Global CPA Report Sept.‌ 7, 2016
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Top stories
How to tackle the 5 biggest intercompany accounting challenges
Businesses of any size can run into intercompany accounting challenges. Here are the five biggest problems – and strategies to tackle them.
CGMA Magazine
How to present to a hostile audience
Five tips accountants should consider when they have to deliver disappointing news to clients or to the partners who run their own firms.
The Edge

New trade deals to benefit African economies
New trade deals between African regions and the European Union, as well as between African countries, promise to counter the economic impact the fall of commodity prices has had on African economies.
The Conversation
Political turmoil puts South Africa's debt at risk of downgrade
Egypt makes settling tax disputes easier to attract foreign investors

Continued rise projected for accountants' starting salaries in 2017
Starting salaries for U.S. accounting and finance positions will continue to rise in 2017, reflecting high demand for skilled professionals.
Journal of Accountancy
EU ruling against Apple heats up battle over offshore tax avoidance
The European Commission’s ruling against Apple pits U.S. and European tax authorities against each other.
The Economist
Are OTC major foreign currency options now subject to Sec. 1256?
A court ruling brings a fresh perspective to the question of whether over-the-counter foreign currency options should be treated as foreign currency contracts.
The Tax Adviser
Brazil's new president embarks on ambitious economic agenda
Michel Temer, who was sworn in as Brazil’s president following the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, has an ambitious treatment plan for Brazil’s ailing economy.
The New York Times
IRS fails to notify victims and Social Security Administration of identity theft cases
Journal of Accountancy
FASB seeks uniformity in cash flow presentation
Journal of Accountancy

Japan considers abolishing spousal tax breaks
To encourage wives to seek full-time employment, Japan is considering a radical step: Abolishing tax breaks that have existed for more than 50 years. 
The Japan Times
Small businesses in India worried that tax reform will increase regulatory scrutiny
The introduction of the goods and services tax changes the way India collects taxes, and small businesses are worried the reform will increase scrutiny by tax authorities. 
Economic Times

More multinationals that could face large EU tax bills like Apple
Apple is not the only multinational company under scrutiny for its European tax deals. The European Commission has investigations ongoing or completed involving other well-known multinational companies.
The Guardian
How KPMG UK's "people leaders" guide careers and development
KPMG UK launched a new strategy last year aimed at putting people and their careers at the top of the company’s agenda. Here is how the strategy was implemented.
CGMA Magazine

Mastering data preparation and analysis in Excel
The Sept. 13 audio webcast “Mastering Data Preparation and Analysis in Excel” explains concepts to eliminate manual data entry, techniques to prepare data for analysis, and tools to take data analysis to a new level.  

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