Global CPA Report Aug.‌ 31, 2016
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Top stories
The Big Mac benchmark
The price of a Big Mac can help determine which currencies are under- or overvalued against the U.S. dollar.
The Economist
8 ways to make meetings more efficient
Try these tips to improve on meetings that run too long and accomplish little. 

South Africa considers a 20% tax on sugary drinks
The beverage industry is worried about a 20% tax on sugary drinks that South Africa has proposed to tackle high obesity rates.
Opposition to proposed Nigerian telecommunication tax increase broadens

Got a few challenging clients?
Eight tips to deal with clients who complain, wait until the last minute to provide information, treat people rudely, or don’t pay their bills.
CPA Insider
The next frontier in data analytics
Technological advancements have made acquiring data analytics skills an imperative for accountants as they strive to provide value to their organizations and firms.
Journal of Accountancy
How to do business in Cuba
Companies interested in entering the Cuban market should be aware of the uncommon opportunities and challenges of the island’s economy.
Argentines stashed away $500 billion in untaxed savings the past 30 years

Abenomics at risk of failing
After four years of trying to end Japan’s 20-year economic slump, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has yet to deliver on badly needed structural reforms.
News Markets
Why tax reform is not enough for India
To seize its full potential, India needs administrative reform in addition to the tax reform the new goods and services tax promises, an Indian taxation expert and former adviser to India’s finance minister says. 
Economic Times
State-owned Chinese bank aims for world's biggest IPO of the year

Why Europe is home to many of the most innovative countries
Eight of the 10 most innovative countries are in Europe. That’s no coincidence.
The Brexit fallout on UK accounting careers
How Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will affect the career opportunities of U.K. accountants who want to work in the EU.
PCAOB, German regulator to cooperate in oversight of audit firms
Journal of Accountancy
Tax investigations of US companies not biased, EU tells US Treasury

Global manufacturing conference
The AICPA Global Manufacturing Conference, Sept. 12–14 in Indianapolis, offers global operations and finance professionals the chance to hear C-suite perspectives and examine everything that affects the bottom line. The sessions will help establish proactive measures so that clients or organizations can reach maximum efficiency and alignment.

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