Global CPA Report Aug.‌ 17, 2016
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Excel: This forecast was bound to happen
A new Excel tool calculates and plots forecast boundaries based on a desired level of confidence, and it can handle seasonality.
Journal of Accountancy
4 mistakes to avoid in salary discussions
What not to do when you’re trying to negotiate a salary you deserve.
U.S. News & World Report

How a wealth tax could address joblessness and poverty in South Africa
A wealth tax, which is widely expected in South Africa, could address two of the country’s biggest challenges, an accountant and entrepreneur suggests, but would work best if individuals and companies manage any funds raised, not the government.
Egypt prepares to reform its tax system
Daily News

US accounting salaries continue to escalate
Salary increases for U.S. accounting and finance positions will continue to escalate in 2017 as employers wrestle with a shortage of qualified professionals, according to a new salary guide.
Journal of Accountancy
More companies funding credentials for employees
Companies are increasingly likely to pay for employees’ efforts to gain and maintain professional certifications. 
CGMA Magazine
The next frontier in data analytics
Find out what skills accountants need to adapt to technological disruptions in an increasingly data-driven world and how they can acquire them.
Journal of Accountancy
KPMG offers future employees a free degree

Chinese banks make progress cleaning up bad debt
China’s debt-ridden financial sector has eliminated $271 billion in bad debt during the past two years. But more than twice as many impaired loans still require attention, according to an analysis of 765 Chinese banks. 
Finance minister wants to see more results of Indonesia's tax amnesty
Indonesia’s finance minister has urged financial institutions to increase their efforts in repatriating funds under the country’s 2-month-old tax amnesty.
The Jakarta Post
Why one of the world's oldest sports clubs doesn't have to pay income tax
The Times of India

Australia intensifies crackdown on corporate tax evaders
Australian tax authorities are increasing their scrutiny of offshore hubs and calculation of debt capital as vehicles of corporate tax avoidance.

What UK companies can learn from foreign investors
Foreign investors have a poor reputation in the U.K., but research shows they improve the productivity at U.K. companies they acquire. 
The Economist
Why German taxpayers should get income tax relief
A less aggressive income tax for German taxpayers could boost private consumption and improve economic output. 
Deutsche Welle

Streamlined Excel reporting
The “Streamlined Excel Reporting Series” starts Sept. 20 and consists of four audio webcasts that will guide you through step-by-step demonstrations on how to create and use PivotTables, a powerful Excel feature that allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.

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