Global CPA Report Aug.‌ 10, 2016
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How to maximize international career opportunities
Four factors determine which international assignments are career opportunities for executives in multinational companies, research suggests.
CGMA Magazine
10 skills that make a good manager
Good managers distinguish themselves by being able to organize others, which requires skills that can be learned.
In the Black

What's missing in the treaty to harmonize taxes in East Africa
The International Monetary Fund is scrutinizing shortcomings of the tax harmonization treaty East African Community members have signed, before the treaty can be put into action.
The Citizen via AllAfrica

5 conversations that frustrate emerging leaders
If you’re committed to retaining your best and brightest, try these alternatives to get your thoughts and concerns across to young talent.
CPA Insider
IRS closes loophole in estate valuations
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service issued long-awaited proposed regulations designed to prevent taxpayers from lowering the estate and gift tax value of transferred assets.
The Tax Adviser
Why Mexico's tax reforms fall short
Tax reform has yet to change Mexico’s lopsided tax collection system, which burdens entrepreneurs and owners of midsize businesses but benefits business magnates and the wealthy as the Panama Papers have shown. 
Fair Observer

Boards of Indian companies should focus on these 4 areas
To deal with changing regulations, boards of Indian companies need to focus more on strategic planning, sustainability, digital economy expertise, and fraud prevention, a survey suggests.
The Economic Times
Why US tech giants have had such a tough time in China
Ride-sharing giant Uber is the latest U.S. tech casualty of the Chinese-American battle over the internet. Others include Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
The New York Times
Landmark goods and services tax bill clears Indian parliament
Slow economic growth triggers concern over monetary policy among Chinese state planners
South China Morning Post
Expiration of key tax break could dampen car sales in China
South China Morning Post

Australians want clearer language in international accounting standards
The Australian Accounting Standards Board has asked international standard setters to clarify ambiguous language in global regulations.
Financial Review

UK accountants expected to see salary increases in 2016
Studies CIMA and others conducted during the first half of the year suggest that strong demand for accountants will drive up U.K. salaries in 2016 across the board.
CGMA Magazine
How to prepare for Brexit's effects on supply chains
The exact details of how the U.K.’s exit from the European Union will affect company supply chains remains unknown. But Brexit arguably provides opportunities for businesses to plan for the changes and seek ways to capitalize on them.
CGMA Magazine
Luxembourg's proposed tax reform would benefit business
Bloomberg BNA

Conference on current SEC and PCAOB developments
The AICPA Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Development, Dec. 5–7 in Washington, offers the latest in accounting and reporting guidance, with content specific to companies reporting to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and their auditors. Policymakers, regulators, and industry experts will provide a high-level overview and practical details.

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