Global CPA Report Aug.‌ 3, 2016
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The 10 least secretive emerging market multinationals
Transparency in financial reporting is a key component of robust and accountable governance, especially in emerging markets where corruption scandals have harmed multinationals. See what emerging market companies have been rated the most transparent. 
CGMA Magazine
Why the most confident leaders aren't the most successful
Business leaders who question themselves and have some self-doubts tend to be more successful than alpha overachievers. Here’s why.

The 5 nations leading African tech growth
Fueled by foreign direct investments, five sub-Saharan and southern African countries are at the forefront of technical growth on the continent.

The hidden costs of a data breach
Repairing damage from a cyberattack involves more than systems upgrades and stronger passwords.
CGMA Magazine
8 ways to attract Millennial talent with social responsibility
Businesses that are involved in social causes tend to be more attractive to Millennials, a generation that wants to give back and contribute to the community. 
CPA Insider
5 benefits of an integrated risk management program
Deeper conversations about business issues and improved resource allocation are among the benefits of integrating enterprise risk management, according to a proposed framework released by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.
CGMA Magazine
FASB proposes changing income tax disclosure requirements
Journal of Accountancy
Americans' financial outlook at 9-year high despite global economic turmoil
Journal of Accountancy
Low commodity prices continue to hurt economies across Latin America

The lessons Abenomics has taught
The three-pronged reform Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pursued since 2012 to resuscitate Japan’s stagnating economy offers other countries lessons on how to counter aging populations, stagnant demand, and stubborn debts.
The Economist
How introducing a consumption tax will reform India's businesses
A tax expert argues that shifting to a destination-based consumption tax will prompt Indian businesses to change their operations.
The Financial Express

What new EU data protection rules mean for the UK
New rules to harmonize data protection across the European Union, which will take effect in 2018, will impact U.K. businesses regardless of whether the U.K. is an EU member or not.
10 cities voted "best to work" in the UK
These 10 U.K. cities received the highest approval ratings from accountants, according to a survey by a recruitment firm.
Brexit requires UK to renegotiate free trade agreements with about 50 countries
The Independent
HSBC's Swiss unit to share customer information with US tax authorities

How to help clients prepare for potential effects of Brexit
The AICPA Private Companies Practice Section offers these considerations to accountants and firms whose clients may be affected by the U.K. vote to leave the European Union. While the effects of the vote are uncertain, making it difficult to plan ahead for changes, accountants will be in demand to assist clients with new developments as they occur. 

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