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    AICPA’s members in Business and Industry serve a critical role in moving their organizations forward by following best practices in financial management and reporting. AICPA is committed to providing the tools and resources our members need to function effectively in this role. Our financial management and reporting publications bring our members the expertise and insight of thought leaders in the profession on topics such as accounting issues and risks, audit committee best practices, organizational risk management, IFRS impacts on reporting, and much more.

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    Marketing Management for Non-Marketing Managers

    Expert solutions for executives with budget oversight responsibilities who want to measure and improve their marketing returns. This book introduces the three reasons most marketing plans fail to live up to their potential, shares the secrets of market leaders and provides practical advice to managers who want to learn how marketing can contribute to their companies' financial success.


    Communications: Methods and Applications for Financial Managers
    Management Accountants' communication skills are being tested as never before. Finance professionals must be able to communicate effectively with managers, peers and employees across their organization, as well as with investors, shareholders, regulators and the media about complex financial, regulatory and business issues. Get this crucial advice on effective techniques for both entry-level accountants and executives in the world’s largest corporations.
    Coming Soon! Risk Assessment for Mid-Sized Organisations: COSO Tools for a Tailored Approach, 2nd Edition
    Offers guidance and practical tools designed to demystify risk identification at the enterprise or entity level and to help the user develop a tailored approach to the organisation’s risk management requirements. This edition contains COSO thought leadership and an overview of risk assessment approaches and techniques that have emerged as the most useful and sustainable for decision making.
    Financial Reporting Fraud: A Practical Guide to Detection and Internal Control - 2nd edition
    This guide, written by a CPA for CPAs in both public practice and industry, provides the knowledge necessary to minimize fraud exposure for the CPA, the employer, and the client.

    In today's unsettled economy, every accounting and finance manager should command the expertise needed to gather, process and analyze the information required to make sound business decisions. This publication presents and explores the key analytical tools that you need to make well-informed and effective choices in your organization's dynamic environment.

    Gain a better understanding of the critical interplay between planning and performance with this helpful guide for financial managers in business, industry, and government. This publication provides a holistic approach that brings clarity to managers and allows them to understand the moving parts that produce effective strategic management.

    Join Bob Herz for his remarkable journey through 40 years in the accounting profession. The former FASB Chairman and Accounting Hall of Fame inductee was a leader on the forefront of financial reporting during a time of unprecedented challenge for accounting, auditing and financial reporting. This book chronicles an extraordinary record of service to the accounting profession.

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    The Best of Boards: Sound Governance and Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations

    Delivers vital fiduciary and leadership guidance for not-for-profit board members and financial managers with tools and templates that organizations and individuals can employ to guide essential discussions, helping to ensure the organization’s compliance and long-term success.

    Inside IFRS: Accounting and Financial Reporting Fundamentals

    Provides comprehensive and updated guidance on virtually all IFRSs, including new standards that became effective 1/1/13. This book takes a topical approach to laying out financial accounting and reporting requirements to allow practitioners and preparers of financial statements to quickly find what they’re looking for.

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