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Jeff May

CPA2Biz to Launch “CPA.com” Email Service for AICPA Members this Fall 

Accountants can portray a more professional image in communications with clients 
Published October 18, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona (Oct. 18)—CPA2Biz today announced it will offer a CPA-branded email service for members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants this fall.

Eligible members of the AICPA will be able to get an email account in their own name through CPA2Biz that will offer a professional alternative to more consumer-oriented email services such as Yahoo!, Google or Hotmail. John Smith, for example, could obtain the following address: john.smith@cpa.com. Members with common names can get variations if their preferred address is claimed by someone else.

Emails that end in the cpa.com domain provide a distinct competitive advantage for holders— it reinforces their professional designation and makes it easy for clients to recall the address. AICPA members can order basic email, or step up to a business-class offering that includes premier security, access and easy-to-use management tools. The service was announced this morning at the AICPA’s annual fall meeting of Council, which concludes tomorrow.

“This is going to be of significant value to sole practitioners because a majority of them are using consumer email services to conduct business,” said Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA2Biz, the technology subsidiary of AICPA. “Additionally, members of larger firms, as well as those in business and industry, now have the opportunity to own a portable professional email account. Regardless of what firm you work for or which industry you represent, it can serve you throughout your career.”

Pricing and service details will be announced in coming weeks. The offering will be the first of many to be featured on CPA.com, the new firm services solutions hub for CPA2Biz.

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