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Joel Allegretti

James Schiavone

New ‘AICPA.org’ Website Debuts 

Site Provides Enhanced Experience for AICPA Members and the Public 
Published May 10, 2010

NEW YORK (May 10, 2010) – The AICPA today launched its new AICPA.org website (www.aicpa.org). Comprehensive and user friendly, the site was developed to provide members with an easier-to-navigate online resource to meet their intensive information needs. 


“The new AICPA.org uses leading-edge features and Web 2.0 technology to inform members and the public about the issues affecting the CPA profession,” said Barry Melancon, AICPA president and CEO. “The site allows users to rate content, share articles and easily connect with the AICPA on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.”


Among the many enhancements AICPA.org offers are RSS feeds, social media access and live updates, member-only content, self-service membership profile management, enhanced search, and easy and comprehensive subscription management of publications and emails.  The new AICPA.org is designed to include increased multimedia content, both in a new video-dedicated ‘AICPA TV’ and throughout the site. The website features an AICPA News page to give visitors a quick view of current accounting issues.


In addition to an enhanced search function, the website allows users to browse resources by topic, publication date and type, making it easier for visitors to find pages related to a particular professional interest.


“We conducted interviews, surveys and usability testing among more than 1,200 members, and we heard repeatedly that they wanted the ability to control what information they receive and how it is delivered,” Melancon said. “The new site gives them those choices.”

Additional New Features on AICPA.org

·         Premium member-exclusive content— provides members with access to information only available as a benefit of AICPA membership, membership section and specialty credential.

·         RSS feeds— Really Simple Syndication allows members to subscribe to feeds that keep them up to date—in real-time—on the latest AICPA-related news, products and events.

·         Dynamic navigation—helps visitors to browse by advanced criteria to yield specific results, such as by document type (e.g., “article,” “video,” “practice guide”) or topic.

·         Member interactivity—content ratings on articles.

·         My Account—allows users to manage their membership account, including dues payments, profiles, username and password, and to set communications preferences for AICPA publications.

·         Single sign-on—allows members to access AICPA-related sites, such as CPA2Biz, and pages with a single username and password they may create in their profile.

·         Social media networking—provides easy access to AICPA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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