Finance Leaders Focused on Bernanke’s Future at Fed 

Published June 20, 2013

Voice of America reports that, with the possibility of his term ending in the next few months, there has been much debate on Ben Bernake’s stimulus efforts as the head of the Federal Reserve. Recently Bernanke has been attempting to stimulate the economy through low interest rates, which help businesses and boosts hiring.

However, a recent survey of Chartered Global Management Accountants found that one-third want the Fed to keep working to boost hiring, while others are concerned about inflation. A member of the American Institute of CPAs, Jim Blake, CPA, CGMA, told Voice of America that the specific programs alone do not matter, and that what the economy needs the most right now is a steady hand. “So steady as you go is really what I’m looking for. Somebody that isn’t going to jump in and jump out of different policies,” said Blake.


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