CNBC Highlights AICPA Personal Financial Satisfaction Index & Interviews Member of PFS Credential Committee 

Published July 27, 2017

The results of the AICPA’s Q2 2017 Personal Financial Satisfaction Index (PFSi) were featured in a CNBC article by Sarah O’Brien titled, Americans are more financially content than they've been in a decade. The PFSi, a combination of two opposing groups of data: "pleasure" factors that measure the growth of assets and opportunities and "pain" factors that measure their erosion, reached its second highest all-time reading. Leonard Wright, CPA, and member of AICPA's PFS credential committee, was interviewed for the piece. Wrights input focused on what the pain and pleasure factors of the index mean for Americans. He cautioned that, "they need to be careful that [their confidence] doesn't cause them to spend more than they should.” Wright shared that while he sees nothing in the data suggesting a downturn is ahead, Americans need to remember that economic activity goes in cycles and the party will eventually come crashing to an end.


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