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    The AICPA publishes CPA Letter Daily, a free e-newsletter published each weekday. The newsletter, which covers the 10-12 most important stories in business, finance and accounting, as well as AICPA information, was created to deliver news to CPAs and others who work with the accounting profession. Besides summarizing media articles, commentaries and research results, the e-newsletter links to television broadcasts and videos and features reader polls. CPA Letter Daily's editors scan hundreds of publications and websites, selecting the most relevant and important news so you don't have to. The newsletter arrives in your inbox early in the morning. View a sample of CPA Letter Daily or sign up today.

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    CPA Letter Daily

    Newsletter Designed specifically for CPAs and those who work within the accounting profession, CPA Letter Daily is a FREE daily email newsletter from the AICPA. It is the resource CPAs count on for breaking professional news.
    Published on April 11, 2014

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