Mitchell Langbert Flexible Negotiations Equals Higher Salary
    by Mitchell Langbert, PhD
    How to do it right.


    Bouncing Back and Learning From a Missed Promotion
    from Robert Half Finance & Accounting
    Missed a promotion you thought you deserved? Here’s what to do about it.

    To Enhance Your Career and Job Satisfaction, Know and Avoid These Behaviors Bosses Dislike
    from Accountemps
    To get ahead in your career, nurture a positive relationship with your boss and avoid negative behaviors.


    Writing the Perfect Cover Letter
    by Deborah Walker, CCMC
    Writing cover letters can be as frustrating and difficult as writing a résumé. Use these three tips to simplify your cover letter and streamline your job application process.
    Financial Forensic Accounting Education — Course 15: Valuations Now Available!
    from Forensic and Valuation Services
    How to identify the similarities and differences in the U.S. Court systems, applicable laws and regulations and applicable U.S. governmental enforcement agencies and more.
    Flexible Work Arrangements
    by Nancy Baldiga, CPA
    Strategies for success.


    Applying FIN 48 and SFAS No. 109
    In this video clip, Bobby J. Carmichael, Ed.D., CPA, discusses FIN 48 with Scott F. Guertin, CPA and SFAS No. 109 with William I. Eskin, CPA, Scott F. Guertin, CPA; and Linda A. Paradis, CPA.

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