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Today's Launch of the Chartered Global Management Accountant 
Published January 31, 2012

CGMA News and Information
The world’s economy is going through a historical period of change. Achieving success in today’s complex and fast-paced business world requires that the knowledge base of accountants continues to evolve and deepen. As a result, the AICPA is pleased to announce the creation of a new designation, the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), through a joint venture with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) that collectively represents more than 550,000 accounting professionals and students around the world.
Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA
Barry C. Melancon

The AICPA and CIMA are working with employers and influencers worldwide to increase awareness of what it really means to be a management accountant in today’s challenging economic times. Our goal is to build the premier management accounting designation, leveraging the CPA’s strengths in the U.S. and expanding awareness of their role in business here and abroad. In recognizing management accounting expertise and qualifying experience, the CGMA serves as a complement to the knowledge, skill set and commitment to the code of conduct eligible AICPA voting members already have.

Management accountants fill a critical need in business, one that largely has been inconsistently understood. With the introduction of the CGMA, we are seeking to elevate management accounting and emphasize its importance with a recognized designation. CPAs who work in business have long asked for another way to signal to employers and the marketplace that they are uniquely positioned to drive strategic business decisions that lead to maintaining and growing a business. Those holding the CGMA will be acknowledged as trusted business strategists who can connect the dots between financial fundamentals and physical assets and a broad array of performance factors.

The CGMA will quickly become part of the business vernacular, offering management accountants exciting new roles that research shows us key business decision-makers are looking to fill. The designation offers tremendous promise for AICPA members in business, industry and government, as well as members in public accounting who provide management accounting services.

Members who qualify for the designation will receive a Welcome Kit and an email from the AICPA shortly. Other members who may be eligible will receive an email informing them how to see if they satisfy the requirements. To enable eligible AICPA members to experience the value of the new CGMA, the AICPA is providing the designation at no cost for a limited time to voting members who meet qualifying criteria.

I invite you to watch this video to learn more and share in the enthusiasm for CGMAs’ future leadership.

Barry C. Melancon
Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA
President and CEO, AICPA

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Qualifying AICPA members are now CGMAs on an introductory basis
Qualifying AICPA members are now CGMAs on an introductory basis. 
Renewals of CGMA will begin Aug. 1, 2012, with AICPA members who also are state CPA society members receiving a special discount. Qualifying members must have a minimum of three years’ experience working in a financial/management accounting capacity or two years of financial/management accounting experience plus one year in public accounting. Beginning in January 2015, qualifying members seeking to attain the CGMA will be required to undergo an assessment to earn the designation (the assessment does not apply to renewals of those already holding the CGMA designation).

CGMAs will be supported by extensive resources. Among them is the CGMA Magazine. The inaugural issue has been printed and mailed to AICPA members who now also are CGMAs. Every weekday, readers will find the latest news from around the world in the areas of corporate finance, economics and business. Every week, in-depth articles and videos highlighting global trends, challenges and opportunities will be emailed to CGMAs. Visit
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A wide range of resources support CGMAs.
A wide range of resources support CGMAs. 
The designation is backed by a powerful array of benefits that will keep CGMAs at the forefront of management accounting. They will have exclusive access to the CGMA website, enriched and continually populated with a variety of resources and content. Some of the key items already available are:
Strategic insights from award-winning experts on key issues facing global businesses
Resources for professional development, including customized learning plans and continuing professional development
Thought leadership reports and webcasts
In-depth research analysis
A global online social network of management accountants
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