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Jeff May

Ignorance of Cyber Security Is Risky Business 

AICPA Offers Webcast Series on Best Practices to Ward Off Cyber Attacks 
Published February 27, 2013

NEW YORK (Feb. 27, 2013) - The federal government is taking steps to build a better partnership with the private sector on cyber security, particularly when it comes to safeguarding critical industries and infrastructure. With the rising incidence -- and costs -- of cyber crime, ordinary businesses need to step up their game, too. Yet many firms don’t know where to start.

What: To help demystify cyber security topics, the American Institute of CPAs has put together an 8-part webcast series, Cyber Security Fraud: What CPAs Should Know, which delves into real-life threats and best practices regarding risk assessment and countermeasures. It is designed for CPAs and other financial professionals who are not necessarily IT professionals but want to become more conversant about critical issues in the field, particularly those that relate to small and medium-sized businesses. Topics include:

·         Security issues involving mobile devices

·         Managing risks associated with cloud computing

·         Electronic fund transfer fraud and identify theft

·         Protecting computer systems from unauthorized use

·         Steps to take after suffering a data breach

When: The series runs from April 25 to July 11. Each session is taught by subject experts and lasts approximately one to two hours. Consult the schedule for specific dates and times.

Media access: Reporters are invited to dial in to individual sessions or the entire series. Advance registration is required. Please contact Jeff May, a member of AICPA’s media relations team, at jmay@aicpa.org or (212) 596-6122.

About the series: The webcasts are a joint project of the AICPA’s Forensic and Valuation Services and Information Management and Technology Assurance sections.

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