Chair's Letter - March 2011 

by Paul V. Stahlin, CPA 
Published March 23, 2011

I want to tell you about an exciting, interactive effort that we just launched to help shape the profession’s future for years to come. Together we will revisit the CPA Vision, the end product of a profession-wide grass roots initiative in the late 1990s that set out to guide our path to the year 2011. It’s now 2011 and our goal this time is to modernize it for this year and beyond. I am proud to introduce you to CPA Horizons 2025.  

This new initiative will incorporate the tremendous changes we have seen in the last 15 years and what we expect to happen going forward. We’ll examine how new and emerging technologies affect our work, upcoming issues and trends that will have an impact on the profession, and what fresh perspectives and talents a new generation of CPAs will bring. As we answer those questions, we’ll consider how our core values, competencies and services might need to be updated with the year 2025 in sight.

The CPA Vision Project delivered the right ideas at the right time. Much has changed since then, but our core purpose remains the same. As we look toward 2025, all of you – members of the profession – will be asked to contribute your insights on how the future may look for us. Your input will tell us how close we remain to the CPA Vision that guided us for more than a decade. And that’s the truly exciting part: Each one of us has the chance to influence the profession’s future and demonstrate the kind of leadership for which we are known throughout the business world. I encourage every one of you to participate in this important effort.

We expect the information-gathering process to last about 4 months. To get the broadest possible perspective, we’re going to be turning to many sources for ideas, including business leaders, regulators, state CPA societies and futurists. But your feedback is the most important. You’ll have numerous ways and opportunities to get involved.

We’re asking all AICPA members to complete a survey that you’ll find on the AICPA CPA Horizons 2025 website at I like to say that giving a little of your time will you shape the next 15 years for the profession.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in discussion forums, and you’ll find information and project updates on the site. When the work is completed, I will present the results at the Fall 2011 Council meeting in October. You’ll get the results, too, through, newsletters and social media.

Like our previous initiative, this project is intended to help CPAs make sense of a complex and changing world. I’m sure we’ll all benefit from this worthwhile effort, so I urge you to get involved. We’re anxious to hear your thoughts and opinions on the best ways to define our future.

Thank you in advance for your active participation.


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