Accepting debit and credit cards with Chase Paymentech offers more than just another way to get paid. It streamlines the payment and billing process, giving you more time to spend on your clients. Plus, you can offer your clients the convenience of paying over the internet, by phone or in person.

    Benefits of accepting cards with Chase Paymentech:
    • Get paid faster – stop waiting for checks to come in the mail
    • Reduce paperwork – stop sending so many bills and hunting down payments
    • Accept payments online – Chase Paymentech’s iTerminal allows you to accept payments online and send recurring payments to clients
    • Reporting that fits you – reports can be imported to Excel for easy categorization and reconciliation
    • Check business on the go – log in to your reporting with your mobile device
    Why accept debit and credit cards?
    The ability to accept debit and credit offers convenience for your clients, efficiency in your billing process, and sets you up for what’s next in payment acceptance.

    Already accepting payments? Find out what you’re really paying.
    If you’re already accepting cards, it is always a good idea to double check your pricing. Use the Chase Paymentech rate calculator to make sure you are paying the rate you were quoted for payment processing. If you’re surprised by your current rate, or would like to see if you could be paying less, contact a Chase Paymentech specialist for a free rate comparison.

    Call 888.213.8445 to learn how Chase Paymentech can help your firm or business.
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