Prorated Dues Bill Information 

Invoices to renew your AICPA membership, specialized interest sections and any credentials or designations that you hold, are sent in June to cover the upcoming fiscal year (August 1 - July 31). Payment is due on or before July 31.

Members who join in a month other than July will owe a prorated amount to align them with our billing cycle. Members who join in May or June will receive a prorated bill the following fiscal year.
Please see the chart below for specific billing information:

 Month Joined  Number of Months Owed
 January   6
 February  5
 March  4
 April  3
 May  None; billed 14 months following year
 June  None; billed 13 months following year
 July  12
 August  11
 September  10
 October  9
 November  8
 December  7


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