AICPA 401(k) Plans for Firms Overview 

Retirement Programs Made Easy

It's never too early to start planning your financial future or to get into the right program, especially when it's this simple.

Saving for retirement is critical, and yet easier and more affordable than you may think–especially with the AICPA Firm-Based Retirement Program. We understand that choosing the right program can be overwhelming, which is why we've done the work for you by identifying a 401(k) plan that works for everyone. It's a great fit whether you are a sole practitioner or a small or mid-sized firm. What's more, the AICPA Firm-Based Retirement Program is easy to start and easy to manage. Consider all the benefits...

Facts about the AICPA 401(k) Plans for Firms Program

The AICPA Firm-Based Retirement Program includes a Profit Sharing Plan to complement the 401(k) and provide additional saving and retention solutions.
The AICPA Firm-Based Retirement Program offers plans starting at $140/month making 401(k) affordable for firms of any size including startup and sole practitioners.
The AICPA Firm-Based Program makes it easy to start, manage and maintain your plan and minimize the administrative paperwork. It's simpler than a SIMPLE.
A 401(k) plan is an effective tool to attract and retain employees. Many employees expect a 401(k) plan as part of their benefits package.
More CPAs use 401(k) as their retirement solution than SIMPLE IRA. A 401(k) offers more choice and flexibility, and greater ability to save.

Our 401(k) allows you to: Additional benefits enable you to:
  •  Maximize partner savings–over $50,000 per year.   •  Make Roth contributions, regardless of income.
  •  Reduce taxable income and liability.   •  Retain valued employees with variable vesting options.
  •  Minimize the administrative burden of handling a retirement plan on your own.   •  Attract and reward qualified staff with matching and profit sharing options.
  •  Leverage over 9,000 investment options including low cost investment options typically reserved for larger businesses.   •  Access funds if necessary via loans.

This program is administered and offered in conjunction with Paychex Retirement Services, the country's largest 401(k) recordkeeper. With over 72,000 plans, they bring a proven record of outstanding service for firms like yours, extraordinary value, and unparalleled support for the CPA community.

To learn what this program can do for you:
  • Call 877.264.2615 to speak to a Paychex specialist
    (Monday- Friday 8:00a.m.-8:00p.m. ET)
  • Complete this Online Form, and a Paychex specialist will contact you

*The AICPA Firm-Based Member Retirement Program has been designed around the needs of AICPA members in firms with 1 to 50 employees. For AICPA members in business and industry or in firms with greater than 50 employees, these benefits may not apply. Please consult with a Paychex sales specialist to learn more. The consultation with a local Paychex retirement specialist is available in most major markets.**Small businesses establishing first-time retirement plans may be eligible to receive a tax credit of 50% for annual administrative costs, up to $500, in each of the first three years of the plan. Note: 100% of the employee salary deferrals are invested with 401(k) plans administered by Paychex. Information current at time of publication, March 2017.


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