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    Advocacy Advocacy

    We work on your behalf to protect your professional interests in the legislative, regulatory and public policy arenas on issues that can affect you, your firm and, ultimately, your career.

    By providing members of Congress and federal regulators with information, resources and recommendations, the AICPA represents the CPA profession while protecting the public interest, and promotes public awareness and confidence in the integrity and competence of CPAs.

    A few highlighted areas include:

    Financial Regulatory Reform

    • We advocated successfully ensuring that CPAs' "customary and usual" services would not be subjected to undue regulations and added costs under the new bureau of consumer financial protection.
    • We dissuaded Congress from expanding aiding and abetting liability provisions that could have adversely affected practitioners.

    Blue Ribbon Panel

    • The panel is addressing how accounting standards can best meet the needs of U.S. users of private company financial statements.
    • Our recommendations on the future of standard setting for private companies will be finalized by the end of 2010, at which time a report will be issued to the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) Board of Trustees. 

    Tax Legislation and Policy

    • We advocate on behalf of the CPA profession to Congress and other key policymakers.
    • We are focused on the IRS's proposed tax-preparer registration regulations, 1099 reporting requirements in the new health care law, estate-tax changes and a ban on tax strategy patents.


    Advocacy Quick Links:

    • AICPA PAC – The Political Action Committee works to ensure that the concerns of CPAs are heard on Capitol Hill.
    • Federal Key Person Program – Program participants communicate with members of Congress regarding proposed legislation’s political impact on CPAs nationwide.
    • Regulatory Liaison Program – The Professional Practice Executive Committee addresses technical and regulatory matters involving practice before the SEC and PCAOB.
    • Mobility – The AICPA is leading the effort to gain interstate practice privileges outside CPAs’ principal state of business.
    • State Legislative Support – The AICPA State Societies and Regulatory Affairs team works with state societies to monitor legislative and regulatory issues.
    • Federal Legislative Support – The AICPA promotes public awareness and confidence in the integrity and competence of CPAs – at national, state and local levels.



















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