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    The election is over! What? Say it isn’t so! The United States is about to hit a financial cliff according to experts and we want to hear from our expert CPAs out there. What changes would you make to our tax system to keep us from falling over the “cliff”? Please keep away from blaming parties, or finger pointing. Let’s hear from you, our young CPAs. View and take part in the discussion on the Young CPA Network LinkedIn page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Vol. 8, Issue 11

    Maryland Society of CPAs

    Dec. 5, 2012
    MACPA’s Holiday Spectacular

    Nevada Society of CPAs

    Dec. 13, 2012
    Holiday Mixer at Stoney’s
    of Las Vegas

    New Jersey Society of CPAs

    Dec. 5, 2012
    Young Professionals Holiday Party



    It’s Your Taxpayer Money; Are Legislators Handling it Properly?
    Talking to CPAs about tax and fiscal responsibility is kind of like telling a carpenter what kind of wood to use for his next project. However, all of us have to pay taxes; are our legislators doing what they can to ensure the money is well spent? Without bias toward Republicans or Democrats, here’s a discussion about what’s going on in Washington and what CPAs can do to raise awareness of this issue with their clients and employers.

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    Most Outrageous Gifts NOT to Give Your Boss
    It’s almost time for the December gift-giving season, and if you’re like most young CPAs, you’re probably scratching your head coming up with a meaningful gift to give your boss for the holidays. Here’s a fun list of outrageous gifts you would not want to give, all for some very good reasons.

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    How to Improve Your Image: What You Wear Matters
    Just because you have casual day at your office doesn’t mean you need to dress WAY down. Although many young professionals may not want to hear it, what you wear really does affect and influence your image and your firm’s or company’s reputation. An accounting firm expert discusses the topic and offers pointers on how to improve your image.

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    Get Involved

    AICPA Expert Witness Skills Workshop

    Jan 24-26, 2013 – Scottsdale, AZ – Obtain the skills needed, or improve your skills, as an Expert Witness. Learn how to prepare and present information during arbitration or in the courtroom.

    AICPA Resources

    Free AICPA social media user guides available

    It's time to use social media, the fastest growing marketing medium, to your advantage. The AICPA has developed a set of user guides to help you learn more about the professional benefits that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging offer your CPA practice. You'll find guides with steps for getting started, best practices and tips for effectively starting a conversation with clients and prospective clients on the CPA Marketing Toolkit.

    New report from AICPA and CIMA highlights skills and talents needed for success
    In today’s quickly changing economy, CPAs, CGMAs play an important role in helping their organizations meet strategic objectives and build sustainable business models. These individuals reach beyond the more traditional finance focus and, as a result, need to demonstrate advanced and unique capabilities to progress in their careers. Fast Track to Leadership, a new report from the AICPA and CIMA, features global interviews and round tables that capture the changing requirements in skills, experience and behaviors that will help CPAs, CGMAs to identify challenges and develop an action plan to maximize opportunities. Download the report from

    Three ethics resources for CPA, CGMAs
    With the importance of ethics and non-financial reporting rising on the global agenda, CGMAs are in a unique position to make an important contribution to creating a sustainable ethical operating environment. The AICPA and CIMA have developed a number of resources to assist CPA, CGMAs in guiding their organizations to long-term sustainability and success. The Ethical reflection checklist is designed to provide organizations and individuals with an overview of how well ethical practices are embedded in the business. The CGMA case study: Navigating ethical issues highlights issues related to non-disclosure at the corporate level that come to the attention of non-executive financial managers and controllers. Responding to ethical dilemmas: CGMA ethics resources provides links to resources to help CGMAs navigate ethical dilemmas and respond in a manner that upholds their professional standards.

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