The Edge - March 2011 

    THE EDGE | A Monthly eNewsletter for Young CPAs
    Tips on Career Management, Leadership and Work/Life Balance.
    AICPA THE EDGE | A Monthly eNewsletter for Young CPAs
    What can businesses and consumers do to prepare for higher gas prices?

    Beyond just paying high gas prices, what are the ripple effects of oil price increases on our economy and job growth? It's reported that gas prices will continue to spiral upward for some time. What can businesses and consumers do to prepare for impact?

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    Vol. 6, Issue 2
    Young CPA Events

    The CPA/CFO View on Recovery. Is it for Real?

    March 10, 2011
    AICPA Webcast

    Inland Empire Member Guest Social & Networking Event Dave & Buster's

    March 25, 2011
    Ontario, CA

    Charlotte Chapter Student Night

    March 31, 2011
    Charlotte, NC

    Northwest Piedmont Chapter Student Night

    April 19, 2011
    Winston-Salem, NC

    Break into Personal Financial Planning: How Emerging CPAs Can Get in the Game

    April 20, 2011
    AICPA Webcast

    Piedmont Chapter "After Tax Season" Professionals' Night

    April 26, 2011
    Greensboro, NC

    Inland Empire Chapter Past Presidents' Council Networking Breakfast

    April 26, 2011
    Claremont, CA

    PN Membership Social: Pool, Pizza and Drinks

    April 28, 2011
    Burlingame, CA

    LA Young & Emerging Professionals 6th Annual Bowl Night

    April 28, 2011
    Universal City, CA

    MSCPA Young Professional Networking Group Annual Post-Tax Season Bash

    April 28, 2011
    Boston, MS

    AICPA IT Training School - How to Identify and Manage IT Risk in Assurance Services

    June 20-23, 2011
    Illinois CPA Society,
    Chicago, IL.

    EDGE - Sharpening the Next Generation of CPAs

    August 10-12, 2011
    New Orleans, LA
    Headlines - Career, Leadership and Work/Life Balance Tips for Young CPAs
    Career Management

    Networking for Success
    As it appeared on This Way to CPA website, by Scott H. Cytron, ABC
    Networking is essential to build business, identify opportunities, to achieve career aspirations or networking to identify complimentary service lines in other firms, or to identify needs that potential clients may have. Without contacts, achieving these goals can be harder to realize. Here are some practical tips to learn the art of schmooze.

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    Rule with an iron fist. Not so much.
    Leadership and authority are not the same thing. Some aspects of leaders - conflict resolution and HR management are some of the skills often required. Apply for the AICPA Leadership Academy and learn essential skills for success to be an effective leader.
    » Read more
    Work/Life Balance
    Info, tools and tips for the young, newly licensed or possibly restless.
    Gather tips for selecting an accounting specialization, plan your accounting careers and learn of accounting job opportunities that are right for you.
    » Read more
    Get Involved
    Ask not what we can do for you...
    Get involved in accounting communities, participate on accounting panels and learn about the different accounting organizations right here. There's a head-spinning list of 180 AICPA committees, boards, panels, centers and task forces all happy to have your attention and affection. All conveniently linked, right here: Volunteer Central.
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