Young CPA Infocasts 

    Brought to you by the AICPA Young CPA Network

    To help address the unique career development needs of younger members and those new to the profession, the Young CPA Network offers quarterly web-based presentations covering a variety of workplace, career and leadership topics of interest to young professionals, CPA candidates and newly licensed CPAs.

    The goal of the Young CPA Infocast Series is to:
    • Deliver critical leadership and soft skills training to complement the AICPA’s technical training portfolio
    • Provide guidance and advice to help young professionals address workplace issues and make the most of their careers
    • Increase awareness about trends and issues impacting the profession

     Archived Presentations: 

    Date Presentation Presenter(s)
    6/27/2013   The Globetrotting Forensic Specialist - Breaking into the Field  Marc Filer, CPA &
    Tim Foley, CPA
    5/8/2013 Beyond Entrepreneurial Ambition - Realizing the Dream  W. Michael Hsu, CPA 
    2/27/2013  Navigating the Accounting PhD Opportunity Steve Matzke and Denise R. Hanes, CPA 
     1/23/2013 Beyond Giving Back - Volunteerism  A Jaramillo, D Krambeck & B Schroeder
     6/7/2012 Be Relevant in a Digital World -
    Why CPAs Obtain the CITP Credential
    CPA/CITP's: J. Lanz, R. Fisher, J. Boomer 
     4/25/2012  Leveraging Social Media to Develop Your Company's Brand Brian Swanson  
     3/21/2012 Your Brand in Space 

    Brian Kush, CPA/CITP

     2/29/2012  Driving Inclusivity in the Workplace

    Heidi Brundage, CPA     

    8/17/2011  Going Back to School Again: Alternative Career Opportunities in Education for CPAs  Mark Beasley, PhD, CPA
     6/13/2011   Urgent Developments in Private Company Financial Reporting for CPA Firms AICPA Barry C. Melancon & Chair Paul Stahlin  
     6/13/2011   Urgent Developments in Private Company Financial Reporting for CPAs in Business & Industry  AICPA Barry C. Melancon & Chair Paul Stahlin 

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