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Tax practitioners and their clients are concerned about the growing epidemic of tax-related identity theft in America. The AICPA shares members' concerns about the impact of identity theft and offers the resources below to help them learn more about this issue and advise clients. We have provided recommendations to Congress and the IRS Oversight Board on ways to further protect taxpayers and preparers.

To stay abreast of continued efforts on identity theft, see AICPA Identity Theft Tax Advocacy Efforts.

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 Client Identity Theft Checklist   Tax Identity Theft Toolkit
Client Identity Theft Checklist 

Available to all AICPA members!
This downloadable PDF outlines specific steps a client should take to help mitigate the damage of identity theft, including:
  • Closing credit cards
  • Filing a police report
  • Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
  • Addressing IRS matters

Provides the resources for practitioners to discuss tax-related identity theft with the client, address account problems with the IRS, and help proactively protect client information.
  • Client advisement letter
  • IRS identity theft phone number and form to file
  • Best practices on how to secure client information

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AICPA Resources

  • Newly Updated! Practitioner Identity Theft Checklist Assists practitioners in advising clients on how to address identity theft issues involving credit agencies, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), local police, debt collectors, and taxing authorities.
  • New! Tax Related Identity Theft Brochure This guide provides the resources needed for practitioners to discuss tax-related identity theft with their clients, address account problems with the IRS and help to protect client information proactively.
  • New! Client Identity Theft Checklist: Client-facing checklist to help him or her resolve identity theft issues (it can also be used to reinforce your value as your client's CPA).
  • New! Letter to Advise Client on Tax-Related Identity Theft  Provide this letter to your client to give advice on the two common tax identity theft situations: (1) e-file rejection, and (2) a notice/account problem. This letter also highlights how you can help.
  • New! Cybersecurity Resource Center: AICPA Financial Reporting Center resource page that provides links and resources to help CPAs manage cybersecurity risks and provide various client services.
  • Recognizing Identity Theft: View a video from tax practitioners who share common reasons why tax-related identity theft occurs and how to recognize when it happens to your clients.
  • How Do You Resolve Identity Theft: View a video from tax practitioners who share their strategies on ways to resolve tax-related identity theft (who to call, what IRS form to file, what type of authorization you need, etc.).
  • Guide on Best Practices for Keeping Client Data Secure Provides tips on how to keep client information safe.
  • Identity Theft Resources: AICPA Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) resource page that provides additional identity theft links and resources.
  • FTC Identity Theft Resources for Businesses: Provides FTC resources to help organizations secure personal information that they collect and prevent identity theft.
  • Webcast archive: Repairing a Stolen Identity: This presentation from July 2013 provides details on how to resolve issues for clients with stolen identities.
  • Webcast archive: Managing Tax-Related Identity Theft, PowerPoint slides This presentation from July 2014 provides statistics, information on types of identity theft, and tips to help you clean up the mess.

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