Tax Methods and Periods Technical Resource Panel (TRP) 

    TRP Objectives
    Monitor legislative and regulatory developments related to tax accounting issues such as tax depreciation methods (e.g., MACRS), tax capitalization rules (e.g., UNICAP), or tax years (e.g., 52-53 weeks). Identify issues and recommend modifications to simplify and clarify existing laws and regulations related to tax method and period issues. Maintain appropriate relationships with the IRS, Treasury, Congress and other government officials. Act as a resource to assist the other committees, technical resource panels and task forces, as appropriate, on tax accounting matters.

    Task Force under the TRP currently include:

    • Certain Foreign Corp IUC 3115
    • Depreciation Website Resource Page Estimated Taxes
    • Final Section 381 Regulations
    • Form 3115 Electronic Filing
    • IFRS Tax
    • Negative Section 263A Costs
    • Retail Inventory Method (RIM) Proposed Regulations
    • Section 118
    • Section 174
    • Section 199
    • Section 263A
    • Success-Based Fees
    2014-2015 TRP Roster
    Jane Rohrs, Chair Deloitte Tax LLP
    Carol Conjura, Immediate Past Chair KPMG LLP
    Catherine Brandt Ernst & Young LLP
    Ellen M. Fitzpatrick Grant Thornton LLP
    Jennifer D. Kennedy PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    Christine Lee Liverty Mutual
    Anthony J. Schiavone Crowe Horwath LLP
    Jennifer Schmidt Moss Adams LLP
    Leslie J. Schneider Ivins Phillips & Baker


    Topical Resources:                                                    

    The TRP's work includes:    




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